Two Bratty Schoolgirls Tawsed by Headmistress

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Description: Kisa and Kat have been sent to the office of their strict private school for fighting with each other and wearing slutty outfits that are not up to school standards. The headmistress calls them to bend over the desk one at a time while the other watches to have their skirts lifted, panties lowered, and bare bottoms tawsed. After both girls have been punished they kneel on the couch with their red striped sore bottoms exposed. The girls are made to apologize to each other and promise to behave in future. Very cute bratty schoolgirls and straightforward institutional style punishment strapping! Get the full movies at either: Disciplinary Arts - or Lily Starr's Spankings -, thanks!
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Manchaterfield - 2771 days ago
I loved it, Lily!
Wayne1975 - 2917 days ago
liked it,and it looks like sombodys been to your office befor lol
MrStrict - 2918 days ago
You definetly obtained the slutty look
bubblyboo1990 - 2918 days ago
Lilly, Kat and Kisa, Good video. i woudln't have expected you to do something like this Lily, but good job! On another note, hows your health plan coming along? Mines going better!!! Its apparantly starting to be noticed, but i still need a little help! Hopein to be in cali this summer ;-) hehehe Kate
arbuthnot - 2918 days ago
No, no. I think it IS fair enough to call something like that a tawse for the reasons I've said. I think we're a bit fond of the old Scots toast "Here's tae us and those wha's like us". I like the idea of Scots words spreading and being used elsewhere and we just have to lump the fact that their application may vary a bit along the way. "Minging" is a prime example.\n\nAnyway, thanks for the leathering, Lily. I hope Kisa and Kat thanked you nicely afterwards.
lilystarr - 2918 days ago
*snores* j/k j/k :-)\n\nOk, so let's call it two bratty schoolgirls leathered and be done with it. :-p
arbuthnot - 2918 days ago
Actually, "tawse" is just a modernisation of "towis". Tow or taw = tail (as on an animal) and is from the same root as the English verb to tow. "Is" is the Old Scots or Doric pluraliser, whereas English uses just "s". So, to describe several of them as "tawses" isn't really right as the word is already plural. "A tawse" is a numerical oddity, rather like "scissors" or "trousers". Personally, I prefer to speak of a Lochgelly, Glasgow or Irish tawse, or just a "Lochgelly", so it's clear what is meant. \n\nAnyone ever been to Lochgelly? I wonder if most people there nowadays are aware of the resonance the name of their village has to spankos all over the world. I haven't, but if it's anything like its adjacent town of Cowdenbeath I haven't missed much. Children and supporters of teams other than Cowdenbeath in the basement of Scottish football derive much amusement from rhyming "Lochgelly" with "smelly". If only they knew! Conversely, spanking folk from other parts of the world sometimes have an image of Lochgelly as some sort of romantic Highland village. it's in Fife, on the edge of the now knackered coalfield. If only THEY knew!\n\nConfusingly, as Oldknight and other Scots of a certain age will know, the word "tawse" was hardly ever used in Scotland, except in an occasional formal context. It was most commonly called "the belt" or "the strap" (though it was neither of those) and a few people such as my parents referred to it as "the leather". \n\nThere ye go then, that's bored the arse off everyone.\n\n\n
lilystarr - 2919 days ago
Well, had to go with what was available at hand. Yes, technically a tawse is a strip of leather with the end split into separate tails (number can vary), which this was, but it isn't the traditional Scottish style. Glad you liked the video anyway. :-)
arbuthnot - 2919 days ago
Have to agree with Oldknight, but then a Lochgelly or Glasgow tawse, or even a good try at one, is never virtually never seen in US vids. On the other hand, to be very pedantic, the word just means "tails", which this implement certainly had, so it could be said to be a tawse, as could a flogger or a martinet. Though there's nothing quite like a good heavy but flexible Lochgelly, I guess we just have to allow for cultural differences. After all, they have hours of blokes like bikers in helmets standing around doing not much over there, and they call it "football".\n\nAnyway, we can't really complain at seeing Kisa getting a deserved sore bottom again, can we? So thanks for this.
DocSpanker - 2919 days ago
Newer spankees bruise - after a couple of years, you'll rarely see bruises
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