A good old fashioned switching

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Description: We are always looking for new and effective ways to spank a naughty young lady, but when it comes to good old fashioned corporal punishment, it is hard to beat tradition. I decided to use a tried a true method to properly punish this young lady. She was sent outside, without her pants and panties and required to cut and prepare a few switches to be used on her bottom. Once her prep work was completed, I went out into the backyard to administer her punishment in full view of any neighbors that happened to be in their yards. I wore out her bottom and thighs with all three of the switches and then left her in a very public time out for the whole world to see. I felt it was time for this teen girl to see what real corporal punishment was all about. A smaller version of the full HD video from the member's area of Realspankings.com
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MoonShineMtn - 30 days ago
I really enjoyed her trek through the backyard in search of the perfect switches, and then the ritual of prepping them. That was a rough punishment, though. It would be nice if the spanker wore tighter pants so I could also admire that aspect of the vignette!
pixie24178 - 110 days ago
I was sent to cut my own switch once and absolutely loved it. Great video!
spankingjenny - 112 days ago
I just love this video. First of all the switch leaves wonderful long thin welts but having to go out into the garden bare bottom and cut your own switches would make me so wet before the whipping started.
needofdis - 143 days ago
Perfect switching - from humiliating job of getting the switches from garden to getting whipped hard and long as on display for neighbors! This must be effective for her future behavior as those licks really hurt! I wish I had been punished the same way when I was small boy.. I just got birched with a single birch branch repeatedly but was probably not hit that hard and never needed to go out to look for the equipment as it was usually waiting on the wall from where parents just took it and pulled my pants down for short OTK birching.
sassysuz - 144 days ago
No mercy Masterson, is at it again! Yikes!!! To be sent outside, bare-bottom, to cut switches for your own punishment. Then, to have to bend over (still outdoors), and accept a switching to your bare butt and thighs...Oh man, that had to hurt! I would have been crying and trembling from fear before he ever got started. And then, corner time just outside the door, with your punished bottom on display for anyone to see. How cruel can he be? Punishment is his specialty. Nice job!
meotk1 - 228 days ago
Michael you sure are mean that was an awful switching you gave her. I'm glad you're not my disciplinarian I think I'd run and hide from you.
She is sure one brave young lady
Tom_Hobbes - 270 days ago
What a whipping that girl took! High praise for her stoicism and taking her punishment so well. Excellent video and definitely shows how severe a licking with the switch can be. Thanks to both for sharing it with us.
kayfarmgirl - 328 days ago
Yes a switch is very effective across your bare bottom! Have I ever been here and more than once!
asshot - 367 days ago
A switch is a very painful assailant .. poor butt.
M4m7m05401 - 380 days ago
Wow, you really are the master! The perfect switching!
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