for those ladies or men, that want an idea on a severe spanking from me

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Description: This video is not for the squeamish , this is real and severe ,.and its a bad little irish girl who was caught drinking and driving. Although she did not get gonna make her wish she did. I do not tolerate bad behavior. Class A misdemeanor is a serious offense and she had a big smile on her face about her drinking and driving. This spanking is what this young lady needed. Im not showing too much for the preview but this is a real severe spanking. I do hand and then i do wooden paddle, i do wooden hairbrush, a bath brush...i mean this spanking is one that makes ka naughty girl squirm and wiggle around and cry...If you love the spanking fetish and you dont mind watching a very severe OTK...i have this young lady in a OTK leglock for most of her spanking. She cant move, she tries to struggle..and she is taken her time recovering from this one. She was a very bad girl..More spank for a Buck is throwing both these clips in for one low price of $10. You will get the same spanking in two different angles...but its a good amount of spanking..and its the most severe and real spanking we have released..i dont spank like this regularly..but Drunk driving...this young woman..honestly might have been better off in jail...bad girl she enjoy if you are a true supporter of this company...its our top release.
Tags: BDSM,,,,,,,,,, bdsm,,,,,,,,,, spanking,,,,,,,,,, ass,,,,,,,,,, anal,,,,,,,,,, otk,,,,,,,,,, mistress,,,,,,,,,, discipline,,,,,,,,,, bad,,,,,,,,,, boy,,,,,,,,,, naughty,,,,,,,,,, female,,,,,,,,,, implements,,,,,,,,,, paddle,,,,,,,,,, strap,,,,,,,,,, cane,,,,,,,,,, femdom,,,,,,,,,, punishment,,,,,,,,,, punish,,,,,,,,,, behave,,,,,,,,,, severe,,,,,,,,,, red,,,,,,,,,, butt,,,,,,,,,, restrained,,,,,,,,,, restraint,,,,,,,,,, squirm,,,,,,,,,, scold,,,,,,,,,, tears,,,,,,,,,, crying,,,,,,,,,, lesson,,,,,,,,,, spanked,,,,,,,,,, spankable,,,,,,,,,, barebottom,,,,,,,,,, bare,,,,,,,,,, ass,,,,,,,,,, panties,,,,,,,,,, wife,,,,,,,,,, amateur,,,,,,,,,, f/m,,,,,,,,,, m/f/,,,,,,,,,, knee,,,,,,,,,, paddled,,,,,,,,,, strapped,,,,,,,,,, caning,,,,,,,,,, domestic,,,,,,,,,, husband,,,,,,,,,, girl,,,,,,,,,, boy,,,,,,,,,, scream,,,,,,,,,, pain,,,,,,,,,, whip,,,,,,,,,, whipping,,,,,,,,,, whipped,,,,,,,,,, OTK,,,,,,,,,, male,,,,,,,,,, sub,,,,,,,,,, submissive,,,,,,,,,, beg,,,,,,,,,, tears,,,,,,,,,, marks,,,,,,,,,, real,,,,,,,,,, corporal,,,,,,,,,, underwear,,,,,,,,,, down,,,,,,,,,, pants,,,,,,,,,, pale,,,,,,,,,, buns,,,,,,,,,, strapon,,,,,,,,,, tied,,,,,,,,,, diaper,,,,,,,,,, position,,,,,,,,,, bent,,,,,,,,,, wet,,,,,,,,,, mom,,,,,,,,,, aunt,,,,,,,,,, dad,,,,,,,,,, daughter,,,,,,,,,, son,,,,,,,,,, cam,,,,,,,,,, girlfriend,,,,,,,,,, boyfriend,,,,,,,,,, buttplug,,,,,,,,,, lube,,,,,,,,,, feet,,,,,,,,,, penis,,,,,,,,,, expose,,,,,,,,,, exposed,,,,,,,,,, sex,,,,,,,,,, hairbrush,,,,,,,,,, wooden,,,,,,,,,, bruise,,,,,,,,,, bruised,,,,,,,,,, flog,,,,,,,,,, flogging,,,,,,,,,, flogged,,,,,,,,,, spankings,,,,,,,,,, beating,,,,,,,,,, beat,,,,,,,,,, dominatrix,,,,,,,,,, domme,,,,,,,,,, lady,,,,,,,,,, man,,,,,,,,,, good,,,,,,,,,, wood,,,,,,,,,, play,,,,,,,,,, real,,,,,,,,,, caned,,,,,,,,,, bondage,,,,,,,,,, cropped,,,,,,,,,, crop,,,,,,,,,, hard,bbw,,,,,,,,,, BBW,,,,,,,,
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vr71 - 423 days ago
You must have learned from my husband!
traveler - 1430 days ago
what a great paddling
tawser - 1696 days ago
I hate spanking videos in which the bottom doesn't get more than pink. Now, this was a real spanking! I am very impressed.
strman - 1696 days ago
Good work, spagnewt!
OTKTANYA27 - 1696 days ago
Love the clip.
spagnewt - 1696 days ago
ill work on that for you
feisty1 - 1696 days ago
Why do so many videos have the spanker just hitting the same spot over and over..? You can see that you have a clear circle. Move over. Is there something to this that I just don't get..? I mean, thanks for sharing. I like it despite that circle. More coverage, only suggestion.
littlebadone - 1696 days ago
well, its a good one...ouch
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