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We went to Spencers today and I got our first paddle. Our local adult shop doesn't have any. We used it tonight, and I enjoyed it. However, it wasn't what I expected. I thought it would be more of a burn but it feels softer than a hand spanking. Nevertheless works for our purposes, since sometimes his hands start to hurt after a while. It's pretty adorable and has squishy red hearts in the middle. I used it on him too a bit. :] But, he's not as into spanking as me. His favorite toy that I've gotten so far is the feather tickler thing because I suck giving light touches.
Also--he suggested finding a feather tickler that had very long feathers. I'm looking online for them now. Any suggestions would be appreciated! :]

Last night I showed him some of my favorite spanking videos. I had avoided doing that for a long time because I felt kinda weird or embarrassed about the spanking stuff I like to watch. He wasn't into watching other people spanking each other, but said he enjoys doing it to me (I'm so happy I got him into spanking--he's so good at it!). I also told him about this site for the first time-that I've been more active on it lately, and he was down with it. :]

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Hola, all. A moment of ok internet access ...

One lodge we stayed at was the Ana (office), Ana (dining room), and Anna show. Can't keep a good name down?

The sweet girl in the dining room of the private reserve was Rosie - maybe our Rosie, moonlighting in Ecuador?

As for hummingbirds, I'm here to tell you that those aren't boots the Booted Racquet-Tail is wearing, they are unmistakeably frilly white bloomers ...

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Alright folks here's the deal. We have all heard about the UK Anti-porn laws that are effectively shutting down the fetish and spanking film industry over there. They are making it illegal for them to produce what they do and to share the lifestyle they love with others.
Now, I have enough sense to see that if this is not contested and won that eventually some right wing hot rod here in the states is gonna say " They did it in the UK we can do it here and with enough money and lobbying they will succeed.
There are several in the UK that are risking it all to continue to work. They need support and they need money to fight this. There is a group called BackLash in the UK that is an activist group against censorship and is helping fight this. And have no proof to back this next claim up but it is more of a belief, that if we support them then should we need it here they will support us.
so with this in mind. I have activated the Tribute button on our page.
From Now till march 30th. 100% of all tributes given to True Home Discipline through their page. and 10% of all video sales will be directly donated to BackLash and to the anti-censorship lobby in the UK. Depending on response this may be extended. They need our help and need us as a community and for those making these videos an industry to support and back them. This issue does not just effect the UK or the US or anywhere else. This is an issue that effects all of us period.
Now I call to all. lets us now stand. Let us now rise. Let us now fight. This is our way of life. This is our freedoms, This is our rights.
To get to my page go to and hit the tribute button. 100% of all the proceeds from that will be directly donated with nothing being with held as personal gain from the tributes.

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Me and the girl I am acting disciplinarian for have decided that putting her upcoming fate on this public setting would be effective.

She has had two sessions with me so far; due to the distance we usually bank the punishments until there's enough to justify a full session (usually quite severe as tears and bruising is both requested and a goal for her.)

Currently she has earned her most severe spanking yet for texting while driving and hitting another car. (Thankfully she was going very slow and there wasn't any injuries or extensive damage.) However she has already been punished for poor driving habits that have her at risk of losing her license the next time the police are involved. Which is why she needs to be reminded harshly how important it is for her to pay attention while driving. This punishment will have no set amount of strokes or safe word and she will be restrained for most of it. She will be punished until we are certain she has learned her lesson very well. Implements being used include an otk with a small paddle, followed by a restrained spanking with a larger paddle, a large strap, and if I deem it necessary the bath brush or any other implements required.

She also has another punishment pending for other slip ups that she herself requested she be held accountable for.

She will be getting an OTK spanking with all available implements for missing her medication again.

She has a bedtime due to a habitual problem of snoozing and showing up late for work, so snoozing has become a punishable offence. We agreed to 5 belt strokes for each snooze and each minute late to work as a result of snoozing. So far she is at 100 strokes for that.

She has also been on an exercise regimen and a diet (which I've been pretty forgiving with in the past. Apparently too forgiving as she not only didn't bother to do her exercises for a week strait but neglected to tell me due to forgetting she was even supposed to. (She has a Skype punishment this Sunday to help her remember which will be posted on here.) She will be getting 50 with the paddle for this failure, partly for failing to do the exercises, and partly for not telling me (as that is also part of the deal.)

Also related to the diet and exercise, it turns out she has been sneaking donuts, each time I've had to ask her how her diet was going before she would divulge the information. As a result I've decided she will get 10 hard licks with the large strap for each time which puts her at 30.

For those counting:

100 with the belt
50 with the paddle
30 with the large strap

I will update if any more need to be added.

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I was speaking with a friend about this since I do some meditation and it may be that both activities distract the mind from other things and focus on a specific thing (such as a repetitive mantra) and also in the end calm the body for the bottom. Letting go is also part of this. Some thoughts on this would be appreciated.

Meditation Definition from the web states:

intransitive verb
1 : to engage in contemplation or reflection
2 : to engage in mental exercise (as concentration on one's breathing or repetition of a mantra) for the purpose of reaching a heightened level of spiritual awareness

transitive verb
1 : to focus one's thoughts on : reflect on or ponder over
2 : to plan or project in the mind

In some ways the activities may be linked and therefore spanking and discipline may in some ways be therapeutic in a similar way that meditation is.

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The day before our anniversary, my partner told me that he had gotten the leading role in a play, in which he would be making out with the entire cast. It initially sounded like he was bragging about kissing a bunch of people and having an orgy scene, but later realized he was just bragging about having a lead role. That night I had stopped talking for an hour and then went to bed crying. I had been utterly freaking out about it for the past four days, getting mini-panic attacks at work. Out of nowhere I would feel extremely hot, itching, nauseous and shaky, and my heart pounded so hard it felt like someone was punching my chest; also at times I couldn't hear anything except for a ringing in my ears, and I couldn't eat or sleep.

I have great co-workers who have been helping me through it, and a stand up partner who helps calm me down. I really don't want to be kissed after him kissing someone else, so the rehearsals are going to be hell for me. I just feel extremely uncomfortable with the whole thing. I don't want to make this his problem or to cause him any guilt or strife so I've mostly keeping it to myself. I want him to be able to do what he wants to do. Last night we made an erotic game out of a blank monopoly board I printed and had a great night full of blow jobs and spanking. ;)

I haven't had any anxiety today except for random stomach pain that I had previously with the attacks. I feel otherwise liberated from my nervousness. I may eventually get a sense of panic; I have accepted that, but I know that I can be strong especially with all the people who have my back. I guess I thought that those lips would only be for me. :/ I still don't think I'll be able to go see this play, though. I'd have to be pretty hammered.

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I have set a bunch of goal in my life and some I was able to fulfill but other I am still working on. Today I am feeling low about not meeting my expectations of myself. Do anyone think I am being too hard on myself? I am trying to be a good person but I wonder if I am being punish for being brat to my mother. I love my mother but as a child I was a terrible person to her. I hope the good thing that I have done would change my out look on my life. Right at the moment in time, I am depress and I can't stop crying. I want to improve my life but my health keep holding me down. I want to be a good nurse and good person. I want to be a helping hand but I can't even help myself.

You know me inside and out.
You know about my pain and distress,
you understand the fears of my heart.
At the cross you endured unabating agony.
You have gone before me into the darkness
And emerged in power and glory.

At this time I lean on You
I draw my strength from Your endless love
And live in Your limitless grace
Trusting in You.
In Jesus' Name

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Can anyone with SB or just a wheelchair user period suggest exercises I can do in bed or my chair? (afraid to get down on the floor because I can't really feel my feet and I've hurt them multiple times getting down) I'm really unhappy with the weight I've gained and I don't really get out much.

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I received an urgent Facebook message from author Rayanna Jamison:

Renee...queen of all bottom play....
I need a thesaurus like the spanking/butt one on Cara's site....
only for buttholes.....
I really think you should work on this ASAP

Well, first of all, I am delighted to be considered Queen of All Bottom Play. I really hope that title comes with a crown. Except...ew, what would be on the crown? Nevermind, nevermind [waves hands while looking away]

Okay, here's my quick list. I certainly hope you will help me add to it. Please, keep them coming... Rayanna needs you:

Synonyms for Anus

(c) 123rf Stock Photo
Bottom hole
Back hole
Back door
Chocolate flower
Chocolate starfish
Pink starfish
Tight pucker
Brown pucker
Posterior gate
Postern gate
Nether hole
Most private hole
Anal sphincter
Australian hole
Booty hole
Bum hole
Private orifice
Butt hole
Bung hole
Ass hole
Sacred area
Brown eyed willy
Untamed hole
Anus McTangus
Tightest hole

Forms of Bottom Play
Rim job
Butthole surfing
Butt sex
Anal sex
Butt plugging
Butt fucking
Taking her anal virginity
Anal discipline
Anal punishment

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One of the reasons I finally joined ST after lurking for years was that I wanted to keep my videos in one place, and occasionally share my love of these videos. One that I can't stop watching lately is Belting Imzadi:

I know the name Imzadi because I've had a lot of Trekkie friends. I also remember the Star Trek TNG episode where it's first used, between Riker and Troi. I've always been more of a casual Trekkie, which probably isn't a real thing. You're either a Trekkie or you're not. I guess I would call myself a casual enjoyer of Star Trek TNG, but not so much TOS, DSN, or Voyager.

But back to the spanking video.

I would love to trade places with Imzadi in this video.

I am drawn more to videos where faces aren't shown. I seem to be able to live through those a bit more than ones where I know what the people look like.

I love Imzadi's plushy ass. I'm very bisexual, and very attracted to BBW. When I watch the video, it's almost too much, because I imagine both getting strapped, and also spreading her thighs open to attach my mouth to her pussy.

Her beautiful bottom turns a lovely red hue by the end, after being disciplined with a belt and a strap.

As in some of Kane's other videos, it looks like Imzadi is completely naked. Also, he takes a break to caress her soft ass for a moment.

It reminds me of day-long sessions when an ex used to strip me naked and lead me around his apartment, blindfolded, spanking me until I was nicely bruised, then taking a break to get me off and give me relief.

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It's a spanking new year, and you might as well start it out with a good mouth soaping to wash away all the naughty things you said in 2014. Hope you have a great brand spanking New Year :)

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A man is watching a game of golf on TV. But he keeps switching
channels to a movie featuring a lusty couple having raucous sex. "I
don't know whether to watch the couple or the golf game," he says to his wife.
"For Heaven's sake, watch the couple," his wife says.
"You already know how to play golf!"


A woman had a dream in which she was told she must give up smoking, drinking and sex if she wants to get into heaven.

The woman decided she would try her best.

An angel visited the woman in another dream a week later to see how she was getting on.

"Not bad" said the woman, "I've given up smoking and drinking but then I bent over a lounge chair and my boyfriend caught sight of my long slender legs, he pulled up my skirt, pulled my knickers to one side and made love to me right then and there."

"They don't like that in heaven", said God........

The woman replied: " And they're not too happy about it in Wallmart either!"

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I can't do this scenario with just any one it has to be with the right Dom. I have to like them and trust them and am able to abandon myself to them for punishment.

Within minutes of arriving at the venue - mine of theirs I am hauled otk, skirt up and knickers pulled down straight away and hand spanked authentically. No warm up on skirt or panties but straight to bare bottom spanking.

This is about feeling the weight of their hand. It can be as hard as they wish and can go on for as long as they wish. I prefer upwards of 10 mins but have met very few hands that can sustain a bare bottom spanking for that period of time.

I like to be held tightly and close...I prefer my bottom to be framed in the way they hold me and leave my upper body to wriggle and struggle, if they can secure my lower legs with then leg all's the better.

It makes me feel secure to be held tightly and that feeling that my protests and upper body movements make no difference to the punishment as it is all about my bare bottom being smacked and smacked and smacked. My upper leg areas, tops of the backs of my legs especially and that very central area that protects my anal area I find very stimulating when being smacked.

This is not a sexual stimulation it just makes me come alive - it gives me a fresh crispy cold morning green salad glow all over my body. I am unlikely to break with just a hand and although I have met some very challenging hands in my time most will fail to get a sound out of me.

I like to feel draped otk with my head right down near the floor and my bottom raised up high, framed, held with a big strong arm round my waist and smacked - left cheek, right cheek and two in the middle, left leg right leg and two in the middle again and again repetitively, deliberately delivered - designed to reach me, own me and teach me that lesson I need to know my place as a sexually submissive spankee.

After this introduction - s/he pulls up my knickers taking time to make them symmetrical and neat, without creases but making sure the anal-cleavage is apparent. Then my skirt is smoothed down meticulously. Ideally some redness will show at the hem line of my short skirt making it clear when I stand up that I have been punished and that there is more to see just under the hemline. White knickers expose the redness more clearly and these are a must for punishments in my book.

The next part always attracts me to be so severely smacked in such a very personal way and then to enter into conversation with my Dominant. There is of course no mutuality as s/he is the Dom but to be spoken to by my Dom after being smacked by them is a humiliation I just reaches me on a very deep psychological level and breaks down my norms and assumptions.

After a time long enough to keep the hand spanking sacred I am paddle-spanked otk - the design of the paddle-spanking is to bring me to submission but applied in such a way as to take a lot of time.

Using a variety of increasingly severe implements I am positioned again in a similar way to the initial hand spanking with my bottom always higher up than my head...and if I raise my head I am forced back down again. Being forced back down is an important inclusion for me, it is about offering up my bottom for punishment in a way that clarifies that I accept my punishment.

There is a strong sexual element to this for me as I bend hard over pushing up my bottom it opens my bottom cheeks exposing my anus and allows my spanker to smack very sensitive, private and hidden places when he smacks me right in the middle of my bare bottom.

Much like in my video 'victoria learns her lesson'. Alas my spanker here doesn't have me positioned head needed to be lower than it is in the video for me to be seen to accept my punishment and 'open' myself to it. The anal spanking videos I have included get much nearer to the position that says 'I accept my punishment'.

The ritualised self-spanking video I have included is used when my Dom decides that it is time for me to submit sexually and be a compliant and obedient 'girl' for him or her.

I call the ritual 'tens' - so many Doms simply can't count - why is that. To start is ten on every layer...not on the clothing but with the clothing present. I am not allowed to submit during the delivery - only when I am asked either at the end of the delivery or after a spell in the corner or sitting in the 'chair' (video coming soon explaining the chair) or with my (light) weight on a scrubbing brush positioned so my anus and surrounding area such as the insides of my bottom-cheeks take the pain of it for as long as the Dom decides is appropriate - usually with my legs raised up above the level of my bottom and sitting position - very challenging corner time.

After every round of 'tens' ten are added and when my knickers are pulled down whatever the baseline count is on every layer I always receive double.

What I have to remember is that I am earning my penetration...the more I can take the more I want to submit if that makes any sense. The more I can take the more I worship my Dom, make them proud of me - pleased with me but I must remember that whatever number we get to as a baseline will be repeated immediately after I have been bummed.

Last time I was properly punished in this way I reached 40 as a baseline. So, forty on my skirt with the long handled wooden paddle, then forty with my skirt up...all over, legs bottom etc...then knickers down and 80 on my bare bottom, then knickers pulled up usually tightly so the gusset rides in between my bottom cheeks and spreads me open for another 40 and then skirt smoothed down for another 40 = all together 240 hard paddle smacks.

My submission has to be convincing, usually I am in distress and possibly in a TV I wear make-up for punishments so real tears can be proven and not faked. I cannot just say ok I will note in one of the videos that I simply say, ok I submit. This was because the Dom could show no skill and was smacking me brutally to make me submit rather than to make me take as much as possible - experience shows and lack of it shows too.

When I submit I belong to them...two Doms I have usually repeat the punishment at the point of submission to make sure I am not just being manipulative. This requires them to hold me down and force me to endure it as usually I am in significant distress at the point of submission anyway.

Often I am caned or anally spanked with a thin wooden paddle before being buggered. Buggery must be in the punishment position for me...bending hard over with my skirt up and my knickers pulled down to my lower thighs and meticulously arranged - usually my legs are together so I can feel their cock sliding in between my hot red sore swollen bum cheeks...this always feels extremely dominating to me. I am forced to position so they can be comfortable, if I am uncomfortable then so be it.

I am keen to feel cum inside me for me it’s an ultimate sign of ownership however, I would only ever allow that within a monogamous relationship from the point of a clear STI check - I always practice safe sex, condoms and lube and there are some things I do not do...rimming and/or A2M and I NEVER EVER penetrate guys - its simply too far above my station.

After being buggered to his satisfaction (I have spontaneously ejaculated on 2 occasions in the past without direct stimulation which is an amazing feeling) I usually have to change my knickers for no other reason than control and am paddle spanked by the number I submitted to again...this usually results in tears...if my Dom gets turned on again and wants to enter me again I must be paddle spanked again at the end by the number I submitted to.

Ideally before my Dom leaves I will be paddle spanked, caned or hand spanked again so the session begins with a spanking and ends with a spanking.

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It never ceases to amaze me the number of people I have met who can't actually smack a bottom. They have no idea what a warm up is and will move to brutal implements way too quickly.

They call themselves experienced spankers, been doing it for years etc where clearly they have never done it before at all...its too hard or its too gentle, they cannot communicate their authority and become brutal when they don't get the reaction they seem to expect.

I like a certain reality. I don't struggle and complain for its own sake but I do when I am struggling with it...this is not acting this is real and only really works if my spanker can also be real.

You will see videos on this site of me being caned and despite I am seriously complaining my punisher doesn't back off at all and continues to cane me in the same nasty place such as the tops of the backs of my legs.

I am not sure one can call this experienced caning.

I read that when the skin on ones backside goes white it is an absence of blood and when the skin turns red it is of course the increase in blood flow to that area. An absence of blood make the skin very hard over time and also takes an age to recover.

As I lay draped otk I can usually tell within 1 minute whether I am across a spanker knee or someone who thinks spanking is simply slapping a bottom. As an experienced sub I find I can give a good spanking I like to respond to how my sub is doing (I only ever spank women) I like to feel her response, back off if she is struggling and lay it on a bit if she is enduring it well or maintain the pace if she is comfortable with it.

But more I want her to feel fulfilled and contented and to feel she can abandon herself to me without fear of it all going too far and without fear of her body being damaged.

I accept that some females I have spanked want marks from caning, some seem to want neat marks across their bottoms like me where others seem to want a maze of frantic and random marks. But all I have met never want to be caned from cold (I often do) and all need a warm up.

I met a lady once who explained she had been smacked otk bare bottom as a child. She was in her 40's when I met her and all she wanted from me was a simulated be draped otk and feel her skirt raised and her knickers pulled down and to be scolded as I gently touched her bottom with the flat of my hand.

I found it very erotic but she started to cry which i actually found quite disturbing. I sat her up and using a dressing gown covered her and comforted her. I do a fairly good line in person-centred counselling and we talked about the experience and reflected on what she was seeking in this experience.

We had about 5 sessions of this simulated spanking, she didn't cry again after the first time and in fact we had quite a laugh. She was very clear that she didn't want to be spanked but she did enjoy seeing her bottom each time I saw her I would drag out the deep-heat so she could see a red bottom - we took some pictures which I released to her without retaining copies which she requested.

I think for her these simulated spanking experiences were cathartic and helped her exorcise past ghosts and present fears concerning her vulnerability. I wouldn't recommend it though as counselling can have the same effect only without the compromise or the confrontation.

Thin canes cut and leave welts, thicker caned bruise and the damage is deeper than just the surface of the skin...many caners I have met seem to have no knowledge of this.

So I think delivering a punishment that involves implements takes a little research especially regarding the possibility of injury but also what areas NOT to hit with sticks, a little experience and of course the correct implement too.

One guy I met a few years ago wanted to spank me with the flat side of a carving knife...have you got a knife he said...of course says I in the along and get it there's a good girl. Sod off says I. When he told me what he intended I was way...because potentially it is too dangerous and only speaks of your ruined the session for me and I had to see him out much to his disappointment. Use the correct implements or nothing at all.

The support i have had here from Doms and subs alike tells me that the control must lie with the sub especially for the first few sessions. Then as trust develops the sub (me) will release more and more control to the Dom and eventually I will trust him or her - its a process that takes time, communication and learning between two people and should not be rushed, assumed or abused.

Out of perhaps 100 new people I met during 2014 - I retain but two. Both have a fantastic imagination, they are sensitive and considerate and at key points during delivery they check on me to make sure I am ok, they have a great sense of humour too. Both like to penetrate me as part of the punishment...its never punishing though and is a beauty I savour - the only aspect of it that is punishing is the positioning bending over knickers down and skirt raised which I love.

One uses a huge big pink vibrating strap-on and the other his own member. I always adopt safe sexual practices and there are some things I do not do. Both paddle spank or cane me after the penetration, this is an add on that I have developed myself...every pleasure for a naughty girl must be paid for.

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When life created other lips, what folly was it thinking?
We envy every drop of beer you master by its drinking.
Oh Jax our king, oh Jax our country, Jax our jizzy lord,
Your belt is our saliva's consolation and reward.

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She fought tears now as she realized she was in way over her head. Why she thought getting mixed up with a married man, much less a mobster was a good idea was beyond her.

Bobby looked grim but not particularly violent. He took in her tears and sighed. “Come here,” he said with a tone of resignation.

She drew in a breath and closed the distance between them. She flinched when he reached for her, but he only drew her into his arms in an embrace. Relieved, she allowed his strength to envelope her.

“I’m sorry,” she said into his jacket.

He pulled away and took her chin, bending his head to catch her eyes when she didn’t look up. “Lexi. We have rules. The rules are for your safety and mine. What were you thinking calling my house?”

She swallowed, not sure how to answer.

“And where did you get my home number, anyway?”

She tried to pull her chin from his hand, but his look turned forbidding and she stilled, trapped in his gaze.

He raised his eyebrows, waiting.

The knot in her belly tightened.


“I saw your ex-girlfriend at Plush. She asked me for your new number.”

His jaw clenched. “I see. Did you give it to her?”

“Well, no! I didn’t have it. Well, at least I didn’t realize I had it. I’m sorry, I never saw your text.”

“Would you have given it to her if you had it?”

She flushed, remembering how she had shown Stacy the number she had. She lifted her chin. “I wouldn’t have needed to, because...” she trailed off, realizing her argument lacked logic.


She sighed and blinked back the water brimming in her eyes. “She told me you switched cell numbers a lot and I should just call your house. She gave me the number. Then I felt like I had to reciprocate and show her the number I had.”

“I see.”
“I’m sorry,” she said. “I really fucked up.”

His face softened. “You did, yes,” he said, but he didn’t sound angry, the way he had on the phone. “I’m going to punish you for it.”

“Okay,” she said in a small voice. She could take a spanking if that’s what it took to make it up to him.

“Go in the bedroom and take off your clothes.”

He followed her and watched her undress. Her hands trembled as she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled off her blouse. There was nothing sexy about stripping for him this time, though her body did not get the message, her skin heating under his gaze.

“All of them?” she croaked.

He nodded.

She unhooked her bra and tossed it on the floor, then stepped out of her panties.

He unbuckled his belt and slid it out of the loops.

She took a step backward. She had never been whipped in her life, and fear turned her hands icy.

He grabbed both the pillows from the bed and stacked them on top of one another at the side. “Lay over these.”

Her heart hammered in her chest, panic welling. Her feet did not move. He frowned at her, but then his expression softened, as if he registered her fear.

“It’s okay, Lex. It’s just a spanking.”

Mob Mistress blurb
When hair stylist Lexi Tyler finds herself evicted from her apartment, her best friend sets her up with the mobster Bobby Manghini, knowing he likes to play sugar daddy. He offers her a luxury apartment overlooking the city and spending cash every time he sees her, but one thing is clear: he is the bossman.

Lexi soon discovers Bobby backs up his rules with firm, over the knee discipline, but he also takes responsibility for all her problems, giving her more support than she ever dreamed of having from a man

Mobster Bobby Manghini likes to be the man in control, particularly with women, which is why he prefers a mistress for sex, even though he’s no longer married. When he strikes a deal with Lexi to be at his beck and call, he finds in her the full package -- a hot, intelligent woman who is turned on by his dominance and willing to submit to his punishment. But when she finds out he doesn’t have a wife, she is hurt by the deception and severs all ties.

Can he prove to her their relationship meant more than a business arrangement? Or will he lose the one woman willing to give him everything he ever desired?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains spanking, anal sex and hot scenes that may keep you up late reading.

The Bossman (the first book in the series) is only $.99!

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Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone. I've received a lot of friendly emails.

I apologize that I can't always respond. Like you, I'm busy, please don't be offended.

First observation: I don't like the inbox situation here at Spanking Tube, but that's a small price to pay for the friendly attitudes here (compared to other online hangouts). Besides, I could always give out my personal email, but honestly, I don't have time for a lot of personal interaction right now. It's still nice to be heard, and to feel welcomed.

Second observation: The whole, "profile rating" thing... Imagine if Facebook let you do that? They do for businesses, but not for personal accounts, for good reason.

It says I created the profile four days ago. I think maybe I created it late at night (thanks to the miracle of medical marijuana, time gets a little fuzzy for me) and didn't have time to log on until the next morning.

When I did, I saw that I had a one star rating, and also a comment that I should fill out my profile.

I appreciate the enthusiasm, but really? I had JUST CREATED THE DAMN ACCOUNT!!! Give me a minute before you scold me, all right? I thought this was suppose to be FUN, not stressful. I'm here as a casual participant, and I don't log on every day. When I do, I may not feel like reading emails. I may have limited time in which to watch a few videos, then I have to log off and go back to real life.

Third observation: Spanking Tube really is much friendlier than other places I've been forced to frequent (for work) online.

I recently looked up a ST user whose videos I used to enjoy when I was a lurker, and saw that he had removed all of them because he was tired of the negative comments, especially from freeloaders who don't respect his work, don't want to pay, just want more for free.

I get it. But if you can't handle the negativity at a place like Spanking Tube, don't even attempt to publish a book at Amazon. And if you do, don't look at reviews for it. Ever.

Fourth observation: There are still some really hot videos here at ST. I browsed some paddling videos and found one of my favorites from a few years ago. I was SO GLAD it hadn't been deleted. I was afraid it had because I search for paddling videos a lot and hadn't been able to find it. I wish I was on the receiving end of this woman's paddle:

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Today is a tough day. I'm really missing my mum. It's been 5 years since she passed away and it still makes me feel just as sad today. I wonder if it always will.

She was the best mum, she was so gentle and kind and gave the best cuddles! She was so ill but always had time to listen. She helped so many people, supporting others with life limiting illnesses and disabilities. Even on the night my mum passed away she sat up half the night on the phone to a lady who was thinking of taking her life. I think she may have actually been an angel.

But it's especially hard this year because I've been so sick. Mum asked me if i was afraid of getting ill, she said i could ask her anything. I held her hand, gave her my biggest smile and promised her i wasn't scared, not even a little bit. It felt like the right thing to do. But i lyed. I am scared. And now no one really wants to talk about it. I wish she was still here.

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Since joining this site i have made some friends and i am very fortunate to have been spanked by one of them. He is definatly the best spanker that i have ever had.
i do still unfortunatly lol .... still have a very bad attitude and other naughty habits that really need to be dealt with.
one of these days i actualy might listen and change my ways.

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