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I’ve had so many epiphanies the last few hours that my head could burst—realizations about myself, and about life, stemming from a sea change in circumstance, not a happy change, but something deeply sad and inevitable.

I’ve written here in the past about my long-distance girlfriend Shanna. For over a year now, I’ve spent hours on the phone with her, virtually every night, usually late, after my wife has gone to bed. Some of my friends—both online and RL friends—have expressed concern that I was playing with fire, putting my marriage at risk for someone I’ve never even met. I’ve heard their concerns and appreciated their advice, but for the most part dismissed it, because one thing Shanna never wanted to do was fuck up my marriage. For people who don’t know her, it would be easy to make assumptions and ascribe worse motives. But I know her, and I know that, even though we were pushing the limits in some ways, she has no intention of being a homewrecker.

Even so, I had become a bright spot in her life. She’s embroiled in some personal and financial circumstances that leave her deeply unhappy, but with few options. Consequently, our nightly talks developed into something all the more for her to relish. But it wasn’t just her, it was me, for I relished our time together as well. She coaxed me out of the shadows to seek spanking in real life. She inspired me to tackle the novel I’ve long wanted to write. She listened patiently and talked me through the angst of deciding to retire. More times than I can count, she’s been a voice of caution or encouragement, helping me navigate through the spanking scene. Always, she was there for me, with advice and support I could lean on.

I want to be there for her, too. But the other night, it hit me like a slap in the face that, no matter what, this relationship has only two likely outcomes. I came to realize how much of a toll this is taking on me, the long, sleepless nights in a surreal world with a voice on the phone were sapping me physically while feelings that I was neglecting my wife were gnawing at me. I knew I couldn’t sustain this indefinitely. Even though I want so much to be there for Shanna, I know eventually I’ll disappoint her. Either that, or my wife would finally catch on to what I was doing. Both possibilities are unconscionable.

So, I dropped that bomb on my wonderful friend Shanna, leaving her to face the untenable issues in her life without the support of our nightly talks, and I feel utterly depressed and dismal.

And yet, life goes on. A text from a friend, an opportunity presents itself, and though you might prefer to hide in the dark, you still carry forth.

Last night, I had the most amazing experience. My friend AikiCarol and I went to a downtown bar to participate in a stage show of performance artists. When we mounted the stage, it was announced that we would be reading some poetry. Most of the audience moved away from the stage and clustered into little conversational groups. They didn’t seem very interested. I did a little juggling act as part of a skit with Carol to lead into the poetry, and only a couple of people seemed to even notice. But as I began to recite, people stopped talking to listen and they began to move back to the stage. Very soon, I had the room. I could feel it.

Carol read the second poem—one from my book, a sarcastic piece equating guns with penises—and when she finished, I told the audience that a woman with an attitude like that deserved a good spanking. I egged them on a bit, saying, “So what do you think, should I spank her?”

A few began to chant, “Spank her! Spank her! Spank her!” and then I recited a spanking poem while I pulled Carol over my knee swatted her on the seat of her jeans.

I finished with a couple of political parodies…to a rapt audience, I might add. And when it was over, I even sold a few of my books. Damn! BTW—I set up a camera to record this. Haven’t looked at it yet. The room was very dark so the video will be poor quality. Depending on how it looks, I may post the spanking portion of it, probably privately, since it shows our faces.

And I want everyone to know this much. Even though I’ve performed at countless open-mic and feature readings and won a couple of poetry slams, this little confluence of spice and vanilla would never have come to pass if my sweet friend Shanna hadn’t pushed me a year ago to get my feet wet in the scene and experience spanking in real life.

And did I say I’d had some epiphanies? Okay, here’s one…

(Bear with me. My mind works in curious ways sometimes.)

I found myself fascinated with the facial expressions of some of the other performance artists at the show. It struck me how deeply immersed they were into their roles. Right then, right there, this was their purpose in life—to assume a persona and give heart and soul to the act. Their musical training, their moments of inspiration, their efforts and practice, everything that put them on the path to be right there, right then, culminated in that very moment on stage. This fleeting instant was the very thing they lived for.

I’m reluctant to speak of divine purpose. All too often, people who presume to speak for God leave me cold. But I think that if there is a personal god who takes an interest in our lives, he must surely be concerned with how we treat one another. And maybe, just maybe, our purpose in life is merely to help each other.

Help might come in the form of physical necessity, matters of survival, but life is about more than mere survival. It’s also about happiness and satisfaction and fulfillment. Maybe, just maybe, when a performer mounts the stage to give you a moment of laughter or joy, then he is fulfilling his purpose in life, in helping you to be happy, even if only for the duration of the show.

What if, on that final day of accountability, you were asked not only whether you sinned or accepted the right god, but also whether you did what you could just to make other people happy?

And then, too, I realize that even though you’d strive to make others happy, when you wade into the river the current carries you willy-nilly to a distant spot on the bank, perhaps round some bend, to a place you couldn’t even see.

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Hello everyone -- I am quite approachable and try to be friendly. Friend requests are welcome. However, if you don't include a message, and then I look at your profile and there's virtually nothing on it, not even a photo, then I'm afraid I cannot accept.

You don't have to write a novel, but please do take a moment to let us know who you are. Thanks!

The English Mansion
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I put a video up here some days ago
Still not online. Is this common?

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So I need some advice for a punishment.
A long distance sub has recently turned down a work project that not only could have given her really good money (thousands of dollars, low balling it, for a few days work) it also could have brought her more projects that would have paid well.
She doesn't work, has most of her day free but not all day. She's relatively new so I wouldn't want to push too hard but for passing up this opportunity out of sheer laziness warrants a pretty severe punishment.
She's normally a very good girl who can be stubborn but is never hateful. She already realizes how bad she's messed up and already got a hard spanking from it, but this is too big for just one session (I also don't want to drag it out too long, best to move on). I might not use them all but I'll consider any and all punishments especially if they relate back to dealing with her lack of motivation and maturity. And keep in mind all punishments are ones she can do to herself.
Thank you

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It's so much easier to submit to someone who loves and respects you. If a Dom gives his all to you the obedience and acceptance of his authority comes naturally.

The English Mansion
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It has been awhile. I hope everyone had a good easter.

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I am happy with my new job and the new city I am living in,but I miss my Sir. It didn't bother me the past few weeks because I was really busy settling into my new job and house,but now in the evenings and weekends I get bored. I made friends here but I am afraid to ask if anyone is into spanking,might come across as a bit strange. It took me such a long time to find someone I could trust in the first place. I am just a spankee and I need and want to feel safe above everything else when I am with someone,my Sir made me feel safe and knew how to handle me LMAO! Ah well I guess its back to watching vids and using my imagination.

Read my diary if you like,I don't care,I miss my Sir.

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Drowning in pleasure
Lost in pain
Similar but...
Different it seems
Bondage...kinky sex
New to me
Sir prefers it
I enjoy it
Domestic Discipline
Not for us
Closer to BDSM
What we have

Scenes...high protocol
Power exchange
Water play
Multiple times
Never thought...
I was capable of
Sir so kinky
So extreme
Countless orgasms
Finding me

Spanking bench
Sir wants to make
Sir's many implements
Paddles he made
Belts and straps
Sir likes to change
Such a variety...
I love and hate

Blind folds
I love
Ball gags
I hate
Nipple clamps
I love some
Magnet balls...
Hurts too much
Chain to clitt
Loving that pain

Bottom tough
Pain I love
Not quite yet
Sir's canes...
Hurt incredibly
Striking my thighs
Crying/tears pouring
Eyes red...
Match my bottom
Welts left...
Trouble sitting
Orgasms follow
Helps enduring
So confused...
Clarity ensues

Sir's floggers
Some are my favorite
Absolutely freeing
Lost in my head
Body melts
Heat rising
Slowly falling
Relaxed finally
Barely standing
Loving discipline
Pain and pleasure
BDSM 24/7

Living vanilla
Never again
Sir and I
Marriage changed
New husband
Sir's become
A Sub...
What I am now
My Story
My journey
Coming to an end
Spanking Tube
Helped us

Me and Sir
Still shocking to me
Was not my dream
Was my fantasy
Now my reality
What we live

(True story...well poem!!)

The English Mansion
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MILLIE FENTON, of Daily Star Page 3 fame is filming with us on May 3rd.

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AMELIA JANE RUTHERFORD coming here soon!!!!

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Last saturday my wife and I were out at a restaurant having dinner. I was a bit rude towards the waitress as I felt she did not do her job properly. My wife disagreed and told me to behave myself a couple of times, but I would just not listen. So my wife finally had enough of my behavior, leaned over and told me that I would be going over her knees for a hard spanking as soon as we got home. I blushed in shame and apologized to her, but it was too late.
On the way home in the car my wife scolded me for my behavior and gave me a stern lecture about how I was supposed to behave. I said I was sorry, but my wife just told me, that I was going to be a lot more sorry by the time she would stop spanking me.

We pulled into the parkinglot at home and my wife looked sternly at me. I want you to go straigth up, strip down to your underpants and go and stand in the corner young man. I will be teaching you a lesson in good behavior as soon as I am ready.
I knew what that meant. My wife would change clothes and put on her black leather pants as she always does, when she is going to give me a spanking. I did as I was told, stripped down and went to stand in the corner like an obedient little boy. I was a bit scared and quite excited as well as I stood in the corner listening to my wife preparing my spanking.
I finally heard her walk across the wooden floor in her high heeled ankle boots and knew I would be over her leather clad knees in no time. My wife pulled a dining chair out from the table, spun it around and sat down. Come over here right now young man she said in a stern voice. I turned around and there my strict wife was, sitting on the chair in her black leather pants holding the wooden bathbrush.

I swalloved hard and could not control my erection as I took the walk of shame over to where my wife was sitting. I have had it with your behavior young man she scolded. You are an adult, but you keep on behaving like a spoiled naughty boy. I will not tollerate this anymore and as of tonight I am going to give you a hard bare bottom spanking every saturday evening for the next month. Maybe having a burning and sore bottom every week will make you behave the way you are supposed my wife scolded.

I felt so embarrassed and blushed deep red when my wife hooked her fingers into the waistband of my underpants and pulled them down to my knees. My hard erection was right in my wifes face and dripping with pre cum. I know this excites you young man, but I will make that go away very quick my wife stated and straightend up on the dining chair. Her tight black leather pants squeeked as she found the perfect position to deliver the hard bare bottom over the knee spanking she was going to give me.

Stand on my right side young man she said sternly. I obeyed her and stood there feeling scared and nervous like a naughty little boy about to be spanked by mommy.
Over my knees young man my wife said sternly. Obediently I bent over and placed myself across my wifes leather clad knees. My erection was pressing against her left thigh and the pre cum made it wery erotic for me as my wife ajusted my position over her knees. My erection rubbed heavenly against her leather clad thighs and for a short moment, this was where I wanted to be all the time.

But my wife woke me from my dreamworld by slapping my bare bottom a couple of times to get my attention. Reach back with your right arm young man she told me and as I did, she grabbed my wrist with her left hand. Pulling me in tight I was not totally unable to interfere with the spanking my wife was going to give me and felt her place the wooden bathbrush on my bare bottom. It felt cold and hard, but I knew it would soon light a burning fire in my bottom. You are to remain in position over my knees until I stop spanking you young man. If you do not I will stop your spanking, take you back over my knees again and start your spanking from the start my wife warned me. Is that understood young man? Yes Maam I answered feeling both excited and scared.

With that said my wife lifted the wooden bathbrush high above my bare bottom and started spanking me. Alterning between my right and left cheek she quickly settled into a steady rythm of hard spanks, that made me wiggle and squirm over her leather clad knees. I begged and pleaded and kicked my legs in agony and pain as my wife quickly turned my pale white bottom pink. Held firmly in place over my wifes leather clad knees I recieved a very hard bare bottom spanked and after a couple of minutes my yelps and shrieks was getting intense. God it stung and burned and my wife paid no attention to my frantic and desperate pleads. My erection was long gone by this stage and I only felt pain thereafter.
After two or maybe three minuttes I felt my strenght to fight the spanking leave me and I knew what was comming. One last desperate plead with my wife did nothing to help me and then I lost it. Tears formed in my eyes and were soon after streaming down my cheeks as my wife kept spanking me.

My wife did not say anything or scold and lecture me. She just spanked and spanked and had me laying limb over her leather clad knees crying like a naughty little boy. After 10 minuttes of non stop spanking over my wifes knees, I was sobbing hard and did not even notice that she had stopped spanking me. I just sobbed and sobbed and thankfully was allowed to regain a little composure before my wife let go og my wrist and told me to stand.

I had to apologize to my wife and thank her for taking her time to give me a well deserved spanking. As I did I could see huge stains of pre cum on my wifes black leather pants, where my erection had rubbed against. I felt so embarrassed and blushed deep red as I had to clean her leather pants with a wet wipe.

Then I was sent to the corner with my hands at my side and a stern warning not to move or touch my burning bottom unless I wanted to go back over her knees for another spanking. I sobbed and cried in the corner, desperately wanting to rub my sore and burning bottom for the next 20 minutes and was then allowed to go and clean my tear stained face. My bottom was deep red, bruised and swollen and I knew I would not be sitting comfortable for some days.

I was then sent to bed and slept on my stomack the entire night.

The English Mansion
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One by one, like dominoes they fall.
Failing like a crumbling wall.
Try though they may, they don't know her need.
Ache and suffering, the heart still bleed.

Spinning and spinning out of control.
Lifeless spirit lost it's soul.
Lost her way, her destiny in doubt.
Cries and cries till eyes a drought.

Retracing her step, backwards she walks.
Walls and walls, can't escape the box.
Sides high enough so she cannot reach.
Sounds surpressed, she can't hear them preach.

The box her prison she cannot unlock.
She's caught between hard place and rock.
Deep down inside, still that little kid.
Waiting for one to open that lid.

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**Due to file size, this chapter was split... Please read #14 first. Sorry. Thank you!

Evan, nuzzled and sucked, licked and poked her to near madness. As she was coming down, from the first wave of orgasm, he applied the the vibrator to the metal ends of the clip and she came, in a cascade of quivering spasms and cries. He let her cool down for a moment and once again let the vibration surround her clit and she was gone, once more.

“Wow, Natasha said, trying to catch her breath. Was was that??! “

“Just a little token of my thanks”, he said sliding it off of her lips. It was a high end version, of the novelty, done in sterling silver with a few beads of aquamarine, dangling from its ends. This is for you to keep.”

“Thank you, Sir. I've seen others, but not so smooth and nice. This one is amazing!!”

“You're quite welcome, Natasha, he said kissing her. He soaped up his penis and balls and rinsed them well. He was very hard. He lifted her down, and stood, his hands gently pushed her down, and she began to return the favor. Her lips were full and soft, her tongue practiced and talented. It would not take him very long. He reached for the cane and as she took him fully into her mouth, he whipped the cane behind her, and cracked her down the center of her cheek. She did not expect it and he could feel the shock hit, as she gasped with her mouth full of him. She started to pull away, but Evan said, “No, no, Natasha, I want you to keep going, while I cane you. Don't resist me. I'm going to wrap your hair in my hand, to guide your mouth to do, as I desire. If you need a moment, squeeze my thigh, but otherwise, I'll be in control of this. He'd been holding her head in place, with just the head of his dick in her mouth. Now he had her hair in his grasp.

“Deeper, Natasha, let it into your throat…. That's it, just relax. Mmmm, yes!” Then he cracked her again, with the cane, when she was full of his cock. He kept her rhythm by moving his fist. She squeezed his thigh and he let her take a breath, then resumed the movement of his hand at the nape of her neck, and the stroke of the cane on her bottom. He could feel her strangled cries, but she kept on sucking, as he gave her a several more licks.

“Oh, Natasha, get ready, I'm about to explode! Swallow it, all of it, Mmmmmm…...oooOOOO!”
HE FIRED HIS SEED, in a ROAR! She struggled to swallow it all. It seemed like an endless load, burst after burst, hitting the back of her throat. She milked him dry with her luscious lips and talented mouth. He was very pleased.

“Just perfect, Natasha. I've left you a clean towel and I’ll give you privacy, to finish up. I want a moment in the room, to prepare your next surprise.”

Natasha wondered what in the world, he would do next. When she exited the shower, she found a jewelry box. In it, was a lovely silver chain. She washed off the clip and threaded the chain through the two loops and it made a stunning necklace. No one would know, its little secret. She really did have an amazing orgasm, and apparently a little gift to help her, have more. She was feeling a lot more motivated to please him.

When she entered the bedroom, she saw the spanking bench set up. Her bottom was very marked in red and purple. She wondered how much more he had in mind!!

“Now, Natasha, we're just going to finish up with some final discipline. You've done a very good job accepting your punishment. I'd like you naked on the bench, please.”

“Yes, Sir.”, She uttered, but she really didn't want any more! The back was raised, to jut out her bottom. He secured her wrists and ankles, adding a strap around her waist.

“Your bottom looks beautiful… it just needs a little more attention, to complete the canvas.
I know it is very, very hot already, but I'm going to give you a little more heat, in your seat”, he said chuckling. He unwrapped the sizable ginger root, he'd carved into a penis. He used some lubricant to ready the path, and used his finger to stretch her out.

“Oh, Sir, not in my bum… Please! It's so sore! I promise I'll be good!! He kept at it, adding lubricant, and pumping away at her little bum hole. She couldn't see what he was up to, but all at once she felt the root penetrate her rectum. It took only a brief time, before it began to hurt and burn. She realized, he'd put ginger inside of her and that the burn would grow and grow. “Oh, no… No, Sir!! Please!!”

“You'll accept your punishment young lady. We will commence with your final lesson.” He cracked her thighs with the cane, and she cried real tears!! She tried to push out the root, but he pushed it back in, even further. She thought he was finally done, when she heard his belt buckle. She sobbed, because the root was burning her so much and now, he was going to strap her. Evan only gave her five strokes of his belt, but they left a trail of destruction across her thighs and bottom. He let her be still for another minute and then removed the root. He undid the restraints, and let her up.

Natasha was still bawling, and he comforted her, sweetly. “There, there, it's all over now. Your naughty little bottom has learned a good, hard lesson, hasn't it? You won't be missing any classes again, and you won't soon forget this punishment, I imagine!”

“Yes, S-Sir!”, he had her, on his lap and she really released her tears. He loved the vulnerability, he'd exposed in her. He knew this cry would be cathartic for her. He'd not gotten real tears until now. He was satisfied, very satisfied!”

“Your may dress and you are excused,
Natasha.” he said. “You really were excellent and I'll be sure to tell David and James, what wonderful service I received. Thank you.”

She nodded and dressed quickly, and said, “Thank you, Sir. I've learned my lesson.” She couldn't wait to get to get out of work tonight.
She hurried away, hoping for a big tip!!

The English Mansion
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*Sorry file size made it necessary to split this chapter. This is pt 1of 2.
The seven part is chap. 15. Ty

Natasha was warm, and her bottom, even warmer. Though it was comforting to be snuggled, in front of the fire, she wished he'd give her a little room…. After all, he'd spanked, paddled, bath brushed and caned her bottom, then given her an enema, was that not enough? She just wanted to rest for a minute, Her rear end was really smarting!!! If she could only close her eyes for a minute.

Evan saw and felt Natasha drift off to sleep, in his arms. She was a lovely girl, and most adaptable. He wondered how she'd like the next stage of their evening together. Part of it would be pleasant he thought, and give her a bit of a break, but the finish…. Well, David would get his money's worth.

Evan got up and had a cigar, leaving Natasha to catch a quick nap. He had been hard on her, and he'd seen it, wearing on her. Perhaps, He should have asked for a girl, who really enjoyed the pain, but he liked who he liked, and in the end, they'd do as they were told.

Naptime was over, he'd been patient, but he wasn't waiting any longer! He woke her, gently, just lightly rubbing her back and saying her name. “Natasha, you've had a bit of a rest, but it's time to get on with the evening.”

“Oh yes, Sir! I'm so sorry, Sir. I didn't mean to fall asleep. It has been a long day, is all. Please accept my apologies.”

“No, don't apologize, you needed a break, and I was pleased to give it to you. Maybe we should get into the shower, and wake up. I still feel the bath oil on my skin.” Evan was trying to find a way to restart the night. It felt awkward, to wake someone up with a spanking, but he wasn't done with her, quite yet. He thought the shower would be just the thing, to move things along.

“Yes, I could use a shower. I can feel the bath salts and oil too. We should have rinsed off.
I'll go and start it up, shall I, Sir? It's a lovely steam shower, with lots of shower heads.”

“That would be fine, Natasha. Thank you. You go ahead and get in and I'll join you.”

He'd used the showers before. They had a shelf or more what you'd call a bench, that was adjustable in height, in the corner. It could be used in variety of ways. To sit, have sex on it, to bend over it, or kneel on it. He loved those purple lines on her bum, but wanted to add a few more. He also wanted to pleasure her with his mouth, something he'd always been good at.
He'd decided he'd go down on her first, with a little something extra, and then let her suck him off, as he caned her bottom. He'd strike her vertically, leaving a weave of lines going up and down, to add the the ones going across her lovely bottom, finishing with a few more to her thighs. He had also carved a phallus, of ginger, to pop up her little bum. She would certainly be burning up, before he was done.

He stashed a clitty clip, water proof vibrator, a cane, lubricant and ginger outside the shower, but within reach. He entered the shower, and they began to rub and wash each other. The sea sponge was soapy and soft, and the water felt heavenly, rushing at them, from every angle. Natasha was smiling, at his touch, and his fingers caressed and coaxed her awake. He knew by the way her hips were moving against him, that she was excited. He lifted her up, so her bottom sat, just on the edge of the shelf. He had raised it earlier to the desired height. He kneeled below her, opening her legs wide, to rinse off the soap. Evan used his mouth, to thank her for the wonderful performance. His hands slid over her thighs and sit spots, which hung off the shelf. His fingers explored her orifices and his tongue slid between the lips of her vulva and around her clitoris. He reached out of the shower and found the clip. It was almost like a big bobby pin, but with a larger, and more defined loop, at the end. He found the pleasure center, and pulled it outward, sliding the open end of the clip behind it and around it, sliding it into the inner labia. It effectively held that little button, exposed, and it one place. The two long ends were mostly to stabilize it, but when you touched a vibrator to them, it sent a buzz of stimulation, around the clit, that felt AMAZING.
(*Note - there is a picture of this jewelry, in my photo album. )

Evan, nuzzled and sucked, licked and poked her to near madness. As she was coming down, from the first wave of orgasm, he applied the the vibrator to the metal ends of the clip and she came, in a cascade of quivering spasms and cries. He let her cool down for a moment and once again let the vibration surround her clit and she was gone, once more.

“Wow, Natasha said, trying to catch her breath. Was was that??! “

“Just a little token of my thanks”, he said sliding it off of her lips. It was a high end version, of the novelty, done in sterling silver with a few beads of aquamarine, dangling from its ends. This is for you to keep.”

“Thank you, Sir. I've seen others, but not so smooth and nice. This one is amazing!!”

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Hi, you guys! I have a random question. When you're attempting to be my friend on here, why does it feel like you're actually ignoring me? Is it because you're trying to gain points with friendships but aren't really talkative in nature? Please don't use my friendship like that. When you click on my profile in hopes to be my friend, go ahead and say something...or send me a message. I'm a nice girl, I'll talk to you. Thanks for listening! ^_^

The English Mansion
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I am being a good girl today honest... If I am not u can spank me...... Wink...... Smiling

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Ever have those days and times that you feel like someone is trying to interfere with your plans and life

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