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well it was along night... think i wil self spank today get out some stress and pain.... thats in my heart ... may take pics not sure yet .. will be going to the gym later if my truck makes it... i hate my truck damm ... hoping to hear from SIR today ... would be nice.... listening to music chilling.. didnt eat last night or yesterday .. wasnt in the mood.. oh well.. maybe today not sure yet.

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(note: the typo in the meme isn't mine, but it was "too" funny not to post)

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A hellcat with conviction.
One with attitude galore.
Yes she's quite the addiction.
Pouting teardrops to the floor.

Eyes to shame a puppy dog.
Sharp dagger behind her back.
A saint at the synagogue.
Wanton begging for a smack.

Pushing buttons for the thrill.
Her intent to get a rise.
Face shines like a daffodil.
Skin reddening as she cries.

Body like an hourglass.
So lewdly bent at the waist.
A snake lying in the grass.
A naughty vixen disgraced.

Blocking hands, her defenses.
Waterworks begin to pour.
Burning red bottom tenses.
Imploring look begs for more.

Spanked Coeds
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did a 3 hour work out and now my ass hurts my legs hurt .. my back hurts ... and i have a headache he ... anyone have a gun god!!! weighed my self lost 6 more pounds.. come on 180 lbs.. yes .. cant wait.... lord .... going to lay down with my body pillow and cuddle ... yup sleeping alone sucks but least i dont have to share my blankets !!!!!lol night yall may play with my toys might help my headache... yup sound good to me ... smilign BIG

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Finally! Daddy spanked my little cousin’s bottom today! Cindy has been staying with us since school started as her parents are in Argentina. Mommy and Daddy have totally let her get away with stuff my brother and I would have been paddled for! They would say stuff like “she’s having trouble adjusting” or “she misses her nice to her” Truth is, she’s turned into a BRAT! Well today Daddy lost patience and Cindy was sent to her room for a spanking! I was in my room which is right next to hers and overheard the whole thing. Normally I would feel sorry for her as Daddy spanks hard but for bratty Cindy nothing doing. I’m not sure what she did but it must have been really bad because Daddy spanked her bare bottom. Daddy scolded her while he spanked but I couldn’t hear over the noise she was making.
She cried and cried and I wanted to laugh as I heard all 12 swats smack her butt. I didn’t tho’ and I won’t tease her about it as if my parents found out I’d be spanked too. I sure wish I knew what she had done...I’d try to get her to do it again!! I’m not being mean...the tattle tale brat got me spanked just last month.

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A terrible, screaming, tempest,
She's chaos, at the core,
She'll try your patience, badly,
Like no one has before,
That tongue's in need of lashing,
I'm sure, she pouts too much,
She needs a bit of thrashing,
A strong and sterner touch.
A hand, to grab her shoulder,
And pull her, on your lap!
You rip away, her panties,
On her bottom, goes the strap.
Everytime, you Whack her,
Fighting from first to the last,
Time to teach her the lesson,
Written with leather, on ass.

Spanked Coeds
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The following is an excerpt from my new novel, A Match Made In Heaven:

Kip took hold of Lily by her earlobe – a humbling position if ever there was one – and drew her gently out of the closet in that manner. His eyes fell on something in the closet behind her and Lily struggled to turn her head to see what it was without getting her ear twisted off in the process.

Behind her, in the closet she’d run into to hide, was the boot box and small wood chest of spanking implements from her marriage with Quent.

“You must really want a good spanking,” Kip remarked as he walked backwards, still drawing her along with him by his grip on her ear. “You ran right to the very spot where all your implements are kept.”

Lily sighed. She watched as Kip sat on the edge of the mattress. Without any preamble, he shoved her elastic waisted pants down her hips and legs till they gathered together in a pitiful pile around her ankles.

“Step out of them,” he instructed her.

With another heavy sigh, Lily did as he told her, kicking the pants aside.

Kip looked at her a moment, seeming to be making a decision. Finally, he indicated the plain white cotton panties that she still wore, snapping the elastic waistband with his forefinger. “Take those down, and then off, too.”

Lily’s face heated. She glanced shyly up at his face and saw that he wasn’t kidding. He wanted her bare for this spanking, like the first, although that time it had almost seemed like she’d wound up that way by accident. To take her own panties down, and then completely off, for the sole purpose of getting her butt paddled was one of the hardest things for her to do. And, she figured, Kip knew that. If he broke her down little by little like this during the spanking, he probably figured getting her to break down and talk to him afterwards would be a breeze.

Boy, was he wrong, Lily thought determinedly.

With a glare, Lily hooked her thumbs into the front of her panties and then smoothly lowered them over her bare hips. When they fell to bracket her ankles, she stepped out of them and threw them to the side of the room along with her pants.

Bare to his gaze from the waist down she faced him boldly, never once looking away. As if she dared him to bend her over his knee and spank her.

And maybe, a tiny voice in the back of her mind spoke up, that was exactly what she was doing.

Apparently Kip was up for that challenge, though, because he wasted no time in doing precisely that. Gently, but firmly, he positioned her over his lap until her nose nearly touched the carpet and her bare backside jutted up at exactly the perfect angle for his hand. She was just taking a deep breath in preparation for what was coming when the first hard swat caught her off guard, leaving a blazing impression on her left bottom cheek and making her cry out in protest.

“Ah, that hurt!” she exclaimed, glaring over one shoulder.

“It’s not supposed to tickle,” Kip informed her helpfully, then dealt a second spank, of equal intensity, to her right cheek.

Lily hissed, but turned her head back to the floor. A third and a fourth smack sizzled her backside and despite her resolve to take this stoically, she felt herself swaying to try to evade his hand. Which, of course, never worked considering she never knew where he intended to smack her next.

Kip covered every inch of her bottom with his hand, leaving it red and hot and aching. By the time he was finished Lily was very near to tears and he had had to pin her legs again between his own, she was flailing and kicking around so much. Worst of all, Lily knew he still had the wooden spoon and rubber spatula from her kitchen in his back pocket.

When Kip seemed satisfied that she was sufficiently warmed up, he helped her to stand up. Then to her dismay, he pointed to a corner of the room with a hard frown. “I want you to go over to that corner and stand there for ten minutes. We are by no means finished here, but I want you to think a while on this situation. And if you decide you’re ready to talk to me, then the rest of your spanking will go much better for you.”

Lily scowled at him, her arms folded over her chest. It was a wonder, really, that he didn’t just drag her back over his knee right then and there, she was simply the picture of rebellion. It should have been clear that she wasn’t going to have a change of heart while standing in that corner.

But he didn’t. He simply pointed again to the corner. And when she didn’t move in that direction right away, he turned her body physically in that direction and gave her a little shove and one more crack to her smarting backside until she reluctantly gave in and stomped over to stand between the joined walls, her bare, red backside facing out to the room.


Kip’s pale eyes were warm on her face and his gaze held hers despite how she ached to look away. With just the pad of one thumb, he traced the line of Lily’s upper lip, making it tremble.

Lily felt her body drawn to his, saw herself moving forward till they touched, her belly and chest pressed against him. She stared into his eyes the entire time as she drew closer, unable to look away as he settled his arms around her, then reached up to entwine his fingers in her hair.

It was only as he bent his head over hers that she was able to break her gaze in favor of watching his beautiful, full mouth as it descended in a slow, ethereal eternity down towards her own.

Lily could feel Kip’s breath on her face. She could see the tiny laugh lines that bracketed his lips and eyes. She could see for the first time how truly, impossibly, richly brown his hair was, and how his eyes held flecks of honey gold. Of their own accord, her fingers reached up and wound their way through Kip’s dark hair, and the silken tresses clung to her hands as if they’d been lost children, now found and safe in their mother’s arms.

A sob rose in her chest as his lips claimed hers, a soft cry of longing, sadness and need all jumbled together. The instant the sound escaped her, Lily’s stomach clenched and plummeted, for she was sure Kip would stop when he heard it. And though her emotions were a frayed mess right then, God help her, Lily did not want him to stop.

But Kip surprised her. Instead of stopping, he continued to kiss her – so softly and gently it was a question in her mind if she wasn’t just dreaming all of this. No man, not even her own sweet husband, had ever touched her so carefully, so reverently. She wouldn’t have thought it was possible to be so tenderly kissed.

When he finally did break away from her lips, Lily thought Kip looked as lost and confused as she must herself. But he did cup her face and comfort her even as she noticed the torn, guilty look on his face. “It’s all right, Lily,” he told her quietly, resting his forehead against her own. She noticed he was slightly out of breath and she realized then that it had been hard for him to restrain himself as he had just now while kissing her. “It’s going to be all right. We’re…. We didn’t do anything wrong.” Lily’s eyes fell closed, and she wished with all her heart that she could find a way to believe those words.

“I feel like I just cheated on my husband,” she admitted, wincing as she said the words that were there, burning like a brand, in her heart. Kip sighed and enfolded Lily in his arms. “No, honey,” he told her in a voice so full of emotion and conviction that she could almost allow herself to believe him. “Never that. Never you.” He shook his head as he continued to rock and hold her.

There was something comforting in her position there over this man’s lap. Secure. Safe. Loved. Despite the purpose for her position, she couldn’t deny those feelings.


In her mind, she pictured herself over his strong thighs, saw his wide palm descending on her bare backside, leaving its angry red imprint. His imprint. On her.


This is a story of second chance romance after the loss of a loved one; it contains a theme of domestic discipline. Reviews from members of the community are very much appreciated. :)

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I'm drawn to this place
Like a horse to water
It's a need bedded deep within me
I enjoy watching videos mainly and sometimes read the odd blog but the moan thing is it reassures me this is all ok, it's normal well as normal as any kink can be I suppose
So hi to old friends and hope to make some new ones

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Evan was tapping the clear plastic paddle, against Janie's, nearly purple ,bottom. He wished he could spare her this pain, but he must be seen, by the Council, as a man who could take a naughty girl in hand. Word of Janie's mischief, had already reached many ears, at the Lodge. Most of the men were amused, but the elders were not among them. Most of them, including her father, were intolerant of such shenanigans. He had to prove, he would not be too charmed by the pretty princess, to punish her, soundly. He'd have to apologize later, but right now, she'd be getting the paddling, of her life.

Janie squeezed her eyes shut, praying it wouldn't be too bad. The strapping had been delivered, enthusiastically. She wished she could rub her bottom and go to the corner, like at home. She wanted her Daddy to hug her, and wipe her tears away . She'd been in such a hurry to grow up and right now, she'd run into her Daddy's arms and promise to be the best little girl, ever.
She did love Evan, though, so this paddling must be necessary, for them to be together. She'd try to think about their wedding!! She'd wear a beautiful gown...
She burst into tears. That wicked paddle!! It nearly lifted her off of her knees, it was so hard. She tried not to think, that it was Evan holding it. The girl next to her, had started to get her exam.
Janie watched her face...
The paddle hit her Janie's thighs. They quickly burned so hot, she could barely get her breath. The sting!! The heat!!
She heard the girl cry out. "Please no, it hurts, it hurts!"
"No, talking, young lady! Here, Evan, Give me that paddle!! This naughty girl, talking out of turn!"
Janie heard the paddle smacking the girl's bottom. She was only a few feet from her. She saw her tears come to her eyes, and then go streaming down her face. She was so beautiful, as she endured the paddle. Oh, boy... Just wait, Janie thought. The finger must be back.
She heard, "Push down, Sophia!"
Janie just caught her face, as the finger pushed into her ass... And then, the paddle hit both of Janie's cheeks, very firmly!
"Ouch!!!" Janie cried.
"Oh, please, no...", said Sophia.
Even as she was whacked, Janie wanted to see the girl's face. She wanted to observe her reaction, knowing, herself, how it felt to have her bum reamed out, by her future, father in law. Sophia's mouth was open wide in a soundless plea, and she grunted, as the finger was driven in...
Janie moaned, but she was very, very wet. She was enthralled by Sophia.... So close to the pain of the penetration, but separate. Still her bottom burned terribly, and the whacks kept coming. Janie's breath grew faster. She wished that Evan's finger was back, in her bottom! Rocking, pushing, wiggling! OH! That paddle slapping!!! OH!!! She was so hot and flushed, all over.
The Council was listening carefully, to the sounds the girls were making. There was an intercom, amplifying their painful utterances.
Janie knew, the boyfriend was about to.... Yes, there it was, she could see it there, in her face, the finger .. rooting into her! Janie could remember every bit of it. She began to imagine, it was back. She closed her eyes, reliving it! Her muscles spasmed!
"Oh, Oh, OH, OH!!!! MMMMMM, YES! Urrrg... OH, OH, OOOOOOOooo!"
Janie had climaxed, there on the bench, in front of everyone!!
Had they heard her?!?
They certainly had!
"What a treasure, she is!! My son might want to meet her. Is the match set, yet?! Maybe we should wait! Oh, my, what charm! That bottom! It's a thing of beauty!! We must put a plug in it!"
The Council stood and clapped!!
David heart was thudding, in his chest. He never expected such a thing.
Evan stood, frozen, the paddle at his side. Had he lost her? They'd all want her now!
Janie, sighed, lost in her thoughts, glad the paddle had stopped. Her breathing was slowing down and she was once again, back on the bench with a blissful smile. The girl, beside her, looked so surprised. Who wouldn't, with a finger stuck up their rump, Janie thought.
What had happened?! What was going on? Was it over?

Spanked Coeds
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If you live in the New York general area, and you are interested in meeting up to give me a long, hard, over-the-knee spanking (and paddling, etc.~) on my briefs and bare bottom, we should talk :) I'd be of course, very excited to make spanking videos, if you are thus inclined!

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Happy Mother's Day to all the mum:s out there, hope you get spoilt rotten and treated like a princess.

It's Mother's Day today.
And as usual I have to remind G and E about it, and it was me that didn't realise it was today, I thought it was next Sunday.
So I had to pop out yesterday to buy gifts, then messaged G to ask if I should buy my own present.
G replied yes and a card.
I got the message too late, so I didn't buy myself a gift, and I certainly wasn't buying myself a card.
I suggested they go out in the afternoon but they didn't.
So if I've no card, they will both be in trouble.

Last night G said, " You can come to back to bed in the morning, but not to early and give your Master some attention with a nice blowjob."
I replied, " Hang on a minute, it's Mother's Day, so shouldn't I come to bed to be treated to some loving, some attention from you ?"
" Well if you do a good job, then maybe I will treat your bottom to a visit with Mr Spikey, it will be fun to see you squirm as you sit at your parents house or my parents whilst you sit on a very sore bottom." He replied. " Wouldn't it."
"Mmmmmm yes it would." I said, hoping that it really will be a firm spanking and I really will have a v sore, bruised bottom for a few days.

Spanked Coeds
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I asked Master if I could have new lines, as I'd had the other one for a few weeks.
So this is what I got back.
Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair, so fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy wuz he.

Sometimes I wonder where he gets these ideas from, but I guess I will do them

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Evan addressed the Council.
"I'd be honored to court Miss Janie King, Honorable Council members, with your approval."
"Have you been granted consent, Mr. Sellers?"
"Yes, Sir. By her Father, Mr. David King, esteemed Council. "
"David King, what say you?"
"I give them my blessing."
"Mr. Sellers, do you have a family member present?"
"Yes, Sir. My Father, Maxwell Sellers."
"Please approach The Council."
"Evan do you know which spot your intended occupies, in our exhibition?"
"Janie is the fourth bottom, Sir."
"Maxwell, do you care to inspect Miss King?"
"I would, kind Sir."
Evans Father approached Janie's bottom. He used both hands to squeeze her cheeks. He looked carefully at her red bottom, pulling apart her cheeks. He put on a glove, and stuck his finger tip into some petroleum jelly.
Mr. Sellers said, "Janie, I'm Evan's Dad. This might feel a little bit uncomfortable, for just a little while. You're going to feel a little pressure, against your anus. It will be over, before you know it. When you feel my finger, I want you to try to push it out. Do you understand?"
"Y-Yes, Sir."
"Alright, Janie.... Here we go." Max wanted to see how tight Janie's bottom was. It was important that she was not used in any way. He found her little rosebud, and pushed against it.
Janie was scared. What was this?! But she knew, she had to do exactly as she was told, if she wanted to be with Evan.
So, when he pushed his finger, she pushed back. Suddenly, she felt him sliding his finger up into her bum!!!
"Oooo ..., Ow, ow, ow!!!!"
"Keep on pushing, Janie, that's a good girl. "
His finger had breached the tight ring of her sphincter muscles. She could feel it wiggle around inside her.
"Look, Evan! That is a very tight little hole! Put your glove on, and some jelly, and get in there. I'm going to stretch her just a bit. "
As Evan donned his glove. His Dad inserted his finger up to his second knuckle. Again, he turned and twisted it inside her. Then, he asked Janie to push again, and he slowly drove his finger farther into her rectum, stopping, when it was buried up to his fist. He slowly rocked it back and forth.
"Try to relax, Janie. Don't tense up. You have a beautiful bottom, and your little bum hole is lovely, dear. That's it, let it in."
He pumped his finger, gently. "Ready, Evan?"
"Yes, Sir."
"As I come out, you go right in, don't stop. Janie I'm going to tell you when, and push hard sweetheart. Evan is going to check your bottom. It's almost over. "
Mac slid his pointer out, and Evan was at the ready. He penetrated her ass, as his Dad, directed her to push. He kept pushing, until he was in.
"oooOOOOO!", Janie whimpered.
"Oh, Dad, you're right. It's very, very tight.
Janie, I love your little bum and I know this hurts you some, but don't worry, darling. I'll stretch it out, little by little."
As his finger was as deep as his hand allowed, he stepped back, and asked the Council to observe. His finger was buried in her bottom. The Council clapped their hands, and David sighed with relief.
Janie had done well!
Evan slid his finger out, and patted her behind, "Good job, Janie. I'm very proud of you!"
Janie was so confused, but she had to admit, by the time Evan pushed into her. She felt herself getting very juicy. She hoped no one would notice.
The Lead speaker, spoke once again. "You are satisfied that she had no previous anal penetration?"
"Yes, We are, Sir."
"Do you wish our physician to verify her virginity?"
Evan spoke quietly with his Dad. "No, Dad, I can assure you, Mr. King was very vigilant."
"You can never be too sure, Evan. It's better to know, with certainty."
David sat nervously, hoping they wouldn't need to proceed. He hated to see her violated, in any way. Even the finger test had bothered him, more than he had anticipated. He should have prepared her, poor baby!
At least they had a new method for the vaginal exams. They used to be very intrusive.
Finally, his Dad spoke. "My son is convinced, but I'd like to be sure. I trust this exam will be done carefully. We certainly don't want to do her any damage."
"The Dr. will only insert a small tube, with a minaturized camera, to verify the presence of the hymen. Please note, that it's possible for a girl, to still be a virgin, without it. The hymen can be ruptured by athletic events or any rough housing. We can only say if it is in tact."
"Then we wish to proceed."
"Dr. Nathan, can you join us?"
Dr. Nathan knew Janie very well. He sat on a rolling stool behind Janie. He wore a silver light on his head. "Janie, this isn't going to hurt. It's going to feel like a little pressure, and it will be over very fast. You trust me, Janie, but to hurt you, don't you honey?"
"Ye-Yes, Dr. Nathan."
"Correct position on number four."
Janie felt the mechanism moving below her. Her bottom went even higher into the air. She started to cry, softly, because she was very frightened. But Dr. Nathan spoke to her softly, as he nudged her knees, wider and wider, apart.
"Turn on the screen please." A big screen lit up, for the whole room to see. Dr Nathan put a little lubricant, on the tube, and found the opening of Janie's vagina. It was far from dry. He smile. She was a lovely girl.
"Ok, Janie, it's a tiny, little tube, I'm putting it in right now. Be still and open up your legs, push back with your bum. I need to see between your legs, Doll. That's it", "Entering the canal, now.", he spoke to the Council.
Her muscular vaginal walls were tightly flexing around the probe. He fed more of it, inside, and then a thin membrane appeared on the screen.
"Her hymen is in tact!" Evan's Dad patted him on the back.
Evan said, "I never had a doubt!" The Council applauded, and Dr. Nathan went back to the sidelines.
Janie was so glad that was over. She was returned to her last position.
"Mr Sellers...Max, what implement would you like?"
"A school strap, I think. I love a good strapping!" An attendant brought him three to choose from. He picked a common two inch wide stiff leather strap with a wooden handle.
Janie's bottom bounced, just slightly. She was so nervous! She replayed the rules, her Dad gave her, in her head. No talking, no hands in the way, no bending her knees up!! I can do this, Janie told herself. I've been strapped at least 20 strokes in a row, before. This isn't a punishment, it'll probably only be a few.
She tried to prepare herself, if such a thing were possible, for the strap.
She heard it Whoooosh, through the air, and snap, as it hit. The tail wrapped around her hip, biting her flesh. The next lick was harder! It caught her left cheek, mostly, but this time, the end caught her between the legs. Janie howled!! The tears came faster, and so did the strap. Her bottom was already sore, from her Daddy's hand!
"Owwwwwww!", murmured Janie, willing her voice to stay quiet. She did cry though! The strap whistled on its way to her bottom. She couldn't really go anywhere. She didn't dare twist or lift her legs. She did cry out, and she even tried holding her breath, but they just kept coming!!! He gave her 25 strokes, in all. She was bawling, but she'd gotten through it.
She felt several hands rubbing her bottom again. She felt some cream being applied, and a couple of small Band-Aids. Ahhhh, she thought! That's better. She hoped it was Evan rubbing her bottom, but she could see nothing. She suddenly realized that the girls on either side were watching her. They could hear the strap and watch her face as it hit. They would be next. Janie was glad she was almost done!
"Evan, what implement do you choose?"
"I'd like a large, clear plastic paddle with holes." The attendant brought several to choose from. Evan choose one with a vinyl grip.
Janie couldn't believe it!! Evan was going to paddle her, after all that strapping?! She started crying even harder. Why was she being punished again?!
Evan was taking a couple of practice swings, just tapping her bottom.
Janie closed her eyes, very tight, and said a prayer that she would be able to be a good girl for Evan and her Daddy. She held on tight to the bar, she knew the paddle was on its way to her bottom, any second now!

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I previously have a mommy and daddy so am not looking for one at the moment they take good care of my needs. Especially my daddy. I love them both dearly and they love and care about me as well. I can't believe I finally went back to a previous daddy who I've been talking to for over 3 years now as friends once he quit being my daddy and now he's giving me one more chance. If I mess up this time then I'll be seeking another daddy. Anyways am failing only 1 college course now which is my worst subject in school and it is math

Spanked Coeds
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Now if there is anyone on Vancouver Island that wants to record my first spanking video add me up and come get my add please !

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Liebe deutsche Spankees,

I am looking for contacts from germany. I am based near Dresden now.Would be great to get in Touch.

Bis Bald!

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Do any of you know of any research done on the effects of spanking, especially from the spanker's perspective? I'm interested in how it may relieve anger and stress among those who carry around a lot of anger inside that could explode into some ugly behavior for nothing more than dropping a cookie onto the floor.

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New sticker Master made for my car.
Suits me perfectly.

Didn't realise sun was shining over it but you can see it.

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So I was just sat down thinking, my mind wandering over nonsense really.
And I was thinking of a conversation I had with G earlier.

Now if you don't know me, you won't know how much of a chocolate addict I am. But I'm a bit weird, I need to have chocolate in the house, usually hidden away from the boys. ( The boys being G and E our son.) Unopened packets, just hidden. Then I don't get cravings for it, but if it gets opened, that's it, I have to eat it.

Every Xmas and Easter, I buy my favourite chocolate, a Lindt reindeer/santa/teddy or rabbit. They are in the shapes of each, in thick milk or white chocolate. I always buy about 6 at Xmas and put them around the tree.
At Easter I just choose those instead of an egg.

But this Xmas, I only ate 1, so I froze the rest. On the top shelf of the little freezer where our son doesn't go in.

Today I told G, my bag of bite size chocolates were in the freezer.
He said, "Yeah, until E sees them then he will eat them."
Something E does quite often. As he had already stolen my chocolate from the top shelf.

So to get to the point of today's tale, of my mind wandering.

In the top shelf of the freezer, where I store my chocolate is my glass dildo, which I keep in there, as and when I fancy a little ice dildo play.
Not hidden, not wrapped up, just there because E never went in that shelf.
So my mind suddenly thought of it, did he see the dildo, it would be hard not to see it, and if he did, what on earth would he think.
It's made me chuckle a little but also a bit embarrassed. But maybe he would be surprised and impressed to find this in the freezer.
As he probably thinks we are just old foggies, that wouldn't use such things.
Wonder what he would think if he knew the lifestyle his parents lead.

So there you go, my silly mind wandering towards my frozen dildo. Lol.

Strict Women