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Views: 3 · Added: 51 minutes ago

First stop on Spanking Tours, LLC is Australia! Today's lesson is, "Experiment! Try something new." Watch the video for inspiration.

London's Telegraph brings us this video of four black swans catching waves at Australia Kirra Beach in Queensland. Wonder if they were flying off to Oahu's North Shore at the end. Hung ten, dudes!

Dont be afraid to try something new. It might be fun.

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Views: 25 · Added: 7 hours ago

ive posted some new vids but i havent really done alot lately bc we found out that were pregnant so were taking it easy i still get my ass tore up just not as often i have one coming tmrw tho so stay tuned and once again thanks for all the love.....

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Views: 12 · Added: 9 hours ago

I intend to take a journey. Investigate every corner and shadow of this dark world that defines who I am at the very core of me. This is going to be a secret journey. My Lover would be very upset if He knew I were doing this, but I don't care. I can't afford to care any more. If he were able to see Me, I wouldn't perpetually crawl through almost every day in state of Starvation....

On my journey, I want to meet You. You know who You are. And I will know who You are. Distance shall be of no importance. I shall learn to do Your will through these slender fiber optics our fingers graze in a desperate frenzy to get our respective messages to our Benefactors and charges. We might never, ever, meet, but Your Mastery of me will be complete none the less. Though if You are who I need You so desperately to be, then We will touch most intently sooner than naught.

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Views: 33 · Added: 11 hours ago

The last time I visited Him, I made the mistake of mentioning some videos I had seen of people getting spanked with hairbrushes. Having never experienced it before, I had a mild curiosity, but I was afraid because, judging from the bottoms' reactions, it looked too painful for me. He must have picked up on my curiosity because he ordered me to get my hairbrush, put me over his knee and proceeded to "play" by alternately spanking me with it and then giving me pleasure. Although he didn't spank me very hard, the brush stung quite a bit. I don't think I could have taken it very well without the pleasurable interludes. The idea of being soundly punished with it makes me cringe.

I thought, having satisfied my curiosity, that was the end of the matter, but the other night He shocked me by telling me He was on the lookout for one of those old-fashioned wooden hairbrushes the barbershops used to use. Yeouch! The fact that he wants to add one of those to our collection does not bode well for my poor behind at all.

I have never seen one of those old barbershop brushes, but ClassyLady81 says they are made of thicker wood. Do any of you have a picture of this type of brush? Have you ever used one on a naughty bottom? Do tell.

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Views: 72 · Added: 22 hours ago

Most people here know I am a fairly serious person. I've also been told I am a rare breed - a non-switch dominant female. I like leaving them red and sore. But, I do not want to be... nor do I agree to (any longer) be a submissive. However, today, the tables were turned.

One of my housemates was outside and I heard her come in. I went into the kitchen to see what was up and she grabbing her head saying, "Help me!" I couldn't figure out what was up. But I rushed over to help. She was telling me, "Get it off me. Get it off." I couldn't find anything - probably because I had no idea what I was looking for. I backed up, saying, "I don't see anything." She was slapping at herself with a towel, saying, "Yellow Jackets. In your grill." My eyes got really wide at that. I love grilling and I love my grill. Then, out of nowhere, I felt this burning sensation. Over and over and over again - on my head! Now I am jumping around the kitchen, beating my head with a phone book (the first thing I could grab. The pain won't stop. I grab a glass of water, dumping it over my head. Still it won't stop. Pain radiating down the right side of my face - fire!!!!!!

My housemate, having killed her own tormentor, runs over to help. She hands me a comb, suggesting I try to "comb the f***er out". Willing to try anything, I attempt this, getting stung several more times in the process. But the thing comes out. I bring my hand up to my head.... OH CRAP! There is still something in my HAIR! Dumping more water on my head (why I don't know), I grabbed the comb again. What comes off the comb pops out of my scalp. It's a stinger. I didn't think Yellow Jackets lost their stingers, but maybe I beat the thing out of him. Anyhoo.... My SCALP was on fire!!!

Running to the bathroom, tearing off my clothing, and jumping into the shower, two more of the yellow jackets have the audacity to appear. One stings me on the left shoulder... the other my neck. They die a quick, hopefully painful death by being beat with a bottle of Pantene. I quickly take a shower, prayers being given to whatever deity is listening, that there are no more of these things.

As I shower, I remember that last time I tangled with a yellow jacket, I had a small allergic reaction and should probably not have locked the bathroom door. Oh, well. Not appearing to have any major reaction, I towel off, praying my housemate has not had a reaction.

I return to the kitchen, nicely showered. I learn, in my absence, three more yellow jackets had been removed from the land of the living. We were both fine - no reactions. But, the fire my scalp is feeling now must be cosmic payback for all the men whose backsides I have left alight. Payback. Cosmic Payback. Thy name be Yellow Jacket. But, Yellow Jacket? I shall have the last laugh. When this colony is destroyed (WHICH, it will be - with my dying breath, if need be), I will still be around to continue to light the night with the shining backsides of those I spank. They will be rotting in a trash can at the local dump. Spankings fade - 3 hours later, my pain is increasing. This was non-consensual!!!! All I did was enter my own kitchen to help a friend! Payback is a bummer! :)

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Views: 42 · Added: 22 hours ago

Inspired by the spankingtube poets out there, I have the following first effort:

I'll yank my crank for a spank! ;-)

Well, it is a first effort. Okay, I should be spanked for that. (Skips down the road laughing crazily!)

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Views: 46 · Added: 22 hours ago

Any Oregon girls out there??

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Views: 51 · Added: 23 hours ago

In the rear view mirror: a town without pity.
Thelma and Louise still reckless and pretty.
Destination a backwoods place called Parts Unknown.
Where nothing works not even a phone.

The judge in these parts, a product homegrown.
Rules from his bench, a fiery throne.
Two horns on his head, his tail a whip.
Those over his knees stung by its tip.

Laid a trap for our two naughty lasses.
Intent he was to stripe their asses.
Jailed them on charges truly unjust.
A month of nothing but water and crust.

Judgment day he laid down the law.
The townsfolk trembled and shook in awe.
A hundred strokes plus fifty for crimes of the past.
Thelma and Louise sorry for everyone they harassed.

Tomorrow high noon their fate awaited.
The judge smug as can be feeling elated.
He himself would carry out the deed.
To break their spirits, make them blister and bleed.

Before their skin he could whip and plunder.
A duo came into town riding Lightning and Thunder.
Breaking them out none other then Bonnie and Clyde.
Wreaking havoc once again on steel horses they ride.

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Views: 59 · Added: 23 hours ago

Omg I wish my Boyfriend was just like that movie 50 shades of Grey seriously its so hot love that control he has over her Ive watched both trailer like 50 times so addicted even put it as my computer screensaver lol yes Im obsessed Yes my man punishes me not at all like that the only things I hate about bondage is the blindfold it gives me to much anxiety not to be able to c and the nipple clips I think I fuk someone up they try that

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Views: 76 · Added: 1 days ago

Discipline, I was always taught, means to teach. What you teach depends on a variety of factors. A disciple is someone that follows a teacher and seeks their discipline (teachings). Hopefully the discipline one receives helps them to become, in some sense, a better person.

Why do people crave discipline? I think it's just part of being human. A military buddy of mine, the other day, told me...”Man, I miss the military.” When I posed the infamous question why, his response was very close to... “At least there was a pecking order there. You knew who was in charge and that your ass was on the line if you didn't follow the rules. In our world, the pecking order seems to be disappearing.” So his opinion goes.

I won't comment on if I agree with him or not, but my point is, people in general crave discipline and guidance. Some people are more inclined to be the one guiding and some are more inclined to seek the guidance. Of course, I'm talking from a non sexual perspective here. The point is, there are many people that not only desire, but need discipline and punishment as part of their life in order to feel fulfilled.

Punishment is typically used in discipline as one of many types of methods or techniques for providing that guidance and teaching. By far, not the only way or form. Punishment, of course, is causing an unpleasant sensation within someone in hopes that they will seek to avoid it in the future and thereby be more willing to follow “the right path” whatever that path may be deemed to be by the one doing the disciplining and punishing.

As a side note: I'm all for the “eye for an eye” methodology. At least in theory. If you embarrass me, perhaps you should be embarrassed. (Maybe a spanking in public or something more devious). If you hurt someone, maybe they should be able to hurt you. (Read as spank you). If you lie/swear/talk back, perhaps your tongue should suffer some consequence. (Getting the mouth washed out). If you are late, then you can wait on me. The list could go on. These are just a few examples mind you.

Where things get tricky is in understanding what a person really needs vs what they say they need. Does a person – in this subculture – really want discipline or are they wanting reinforcement? I mean, the moment someone enjoys their punishment it ceases to become punishment and it starts acting as a type of positive reinforcement, thereby actually increasing the undesirable behavior.

If a young lady comes up to me and says “I want you to discipline me” I have no problem saying sure, we start tomorrow. I just question if that's what she really wants. Sure, I have many wonderful methods of helping a person become a better person, but is one truly wanting that or are they merely saying that and their real desires lie elsewhere? If that's the case, they will be greatly disappointed in requesting me to be a disciplinarian and I will have wasted a good deal of time that could have been put to use in some other form.

Honesty. Plain simple honesty. This is what is important. I think everyone knows that. I also think the majority of us try to be honest and that many of us don't really know what we really want.

This is one main reason I love psychological play. Role playing from a deep place if you will. It can be, if done correctly, almost therapeutic while still being enjoyable by all parties.

I liked mother/son role-playing, when I did it, because I lacked a close relationship with my own mother who was excessively lenient at times and whom for a good period of my childhood wasn't in my life. I would enjoy father/daughter role-playing because I've never had and likely never will have a daughter of my own. I get to experience some of the joys and turmoils that can go with it. I enjoy sibling role-playing because, you guessed it, I feel I missed out on that in my life too. These are the deep and very raw and real reasons underpinning my own interests.

Do I get sexually turned on by these scenes? That's an interesting question. It depends. I don't, for example, get turned on by the scenes when in reality involved with them. The old term, fantasy is always better when it remains a fantasy is very true in my case. The scenes serve, as previously mentioned, an entirely different dynamic for myself. I will get turned on sitting back and thinking about the scenes, however. Intent and purpose become important here.

In the same wind, I'm all for therapeutic spankings and punishments. Sometimes, for some people, guilt is a major contribution to holding them back from living the life they want to live and being as successful as they are capable of being, especially as adults. Sometimes a spanking or combination of punishments can do much for the sense of self – release guilt, repair relationships, clean the slate if you will. That is not, however, a licenses for one to repeat the behavior again and again. That's a whole other topic and something that should be watched for. In the right circumstances, a spanking or any punishment can be very cathartic, but depends on a number of factors.

I've gone on for too long today. Just getting thoughts out of my head in this post.

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Views: 64 · Added: 1 days ago

I didnt know that I would feel what I feel now that he and I are not together anymore. I have Not known freedom in a while. But I would like to thank 0ne person on here for our break up! Maybe I will be giving him a spanking for it. He has surly earned it! Since he has not had one in a while.

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Views: 48 · Added: 1 days ago

....there is going to be sunshine, shunshine - heat, heat - less clothing, less clothing - more legs to look at, I sudenly realise that I'm in fact smiling...:-)

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Views: 228 · Added: 2 days ago

... God if I had a penny for each time I read that word in a blog about
DD lifestyle... Dom/Dommes or BDSM...

I need to vent since it buggs me that people keep saying bs like:

...for as long as it's consensual...

Are you kidding me? What are those guys thinking? Doms/Dommes are neither rapists nor bullies! It's not like we point a gun at the sub's head, yelling: "Drop your pants or I'm-a shoot you!"

If it wasn't "consensual" it'd be considered a felony, so please get it through your sculls, once and for all:

It's ALWAYS consensual

(And if you feel like in your case it isn't, call the police, for crying out loud!)

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Views: 81 · Added: 2 days ago

Did you say a bunch of immigrants are Refusing to Assimilate to Your Culture and are Threatening Your Way of Life?

Man That Really Sucks!!! I Know!!!


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Views: 117 · Added: 2 days ago

This is the internet. When communications are made it can be easy for someone to put their own spin on what someone is saying. People can in short get the wrong idea. Case and point my last post. Dominant and submissive roles occur everywhere both in sexuallity, friendships, and the workplace for that matter. Dominants and submissives need each other. Also, the same person may play both roles in a variety of areas in life. Some people are just more geared to be dominant or submissive. A submissive need not be thought of as an inferior person. In fact, those who think that way are not going to dominate me one bit! They are on some ego trip of there own and I ain't along for the ride. Love to here the thoughts of others on this subject...

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Views: 105 · Added: 2 days ago

I notice on this site that while there are dominant females, it is the dominant males or submissives of both kinds that post comments. Let's here it from the dominant female corner. I love 'em!

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Views: 191 · Added: 3 days ago

"The Gentlemen"

The best of the lot was Jim
'twas a man of both vigor and vim
A real man he was
And I loved him becuz
I learned about spanking from him.

(Rudyard Kipling is now reaching mach speed spinning in his grave.)

The best was Nimal from Calcutta
So nice his mouth would melt butta
Because he ate curry
And was in such a hurry
That dude was one fast, little Mutta

One man from the famed Nagasaki
Spanked when he drank too much sake
I plied him with drink
Brought him right to the brink
Er, what is that thing in your pocki?

An exotic young man from Algiers
Spanked me once 'til I was in tears
"Don't mocks me," he says
As I laughed at his fez
Er, I was drunk on too many beers.

Then I met Lloyd from Jamaica
Whose spankings could make ya or break ya
But he was so slow
Paused after each blow
"Hey, how long is this gonna take ya?"

I was spanked by Leon who was Swiss
For being a snooty Miss Priss
"You damn well will learn,
I come from Lucerne
Where men thrive on vinegar and piss!"

Then an innkeeper who hails from Wiltshire
Said that I was a very bad liar
So during high tea
I was over his knee
Spanked me hard 'til my bum was on fire.

A very tall man, a Watusi
Oft played his CD's of Debussy
To help his ends meet
He paddled my seat
Then serve up grilled bushbok most juicy.

Then, there's Ahmed from Jakarta
So handsome that he stole my hearta
In his Indonesia
They aim to please ya
He'll spank me 'til death do us parta.

I loved the old chap from Punjab
Flamboyant and so colorfully clad
You're no sacred cow
He said with a bow
The best spanking I've ever had.

Felipe who's from Guatemala
Tools around in a vintage Impala
He'll spank you for free
Right over his knee
But pants down will cost you a dolla.

Dashing Alberto who came from Peru
He was as blind as Mr. Magoo
He was more miss than hit
And of course I can sit
He spanked my left arm black and blue.

Now if you really want to be bossed
Pick an Aussie and one that you've crossed
If a spanking is due
It's like a tattoo
On your ass "G'day Mate" is embossed.

So we come to the end of my tale
How I won spankings by vexing the male
It was a worthy Crusade
Through life's penny arcade
Though sore, I'd found my Holy Grail.

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Views: 47 · Added: 3 days ago

I'm not sure exactly why I'm starting a blog here.

Perhaps it comes from the fact that over the years I've tried to have a spanking website and it has always failed miserably in some capacity. I figured I could take all the material that was on that website and put it in blog posts here. If you can't beat them, join them, eh?

Brats Play and Pay was a website (a rather horribly designed website I might add) that I created and toyed around with many years ago. Back in those days I was also involved in Age Play. Something I've not been involved with in a very long time. For those wondering, I was usually in the adult/authority figure role.

Prior to the failed website attempt, but after my age play days, I was involved in writing spanking fiction under the pen names of Master J and, most often, littleJC. I used the same names when I use to hang around a spanking chat room that I can't for the life of me remember what it was called.

This will blog will hopefully allow me to keep some material from the website days and my writing days alive. I might also try my hand at writing some new fiction. I haven't really decided yet.I also have no idea how often I'll post to this blog. That will depend on several factors.

Meanwhile, do feel free to make friend requests, etc. Being a natural introvert, I don't typically like to reach out to people first. I always figure if people want to get to know me, they'll let me know. Yes, I know that can be equally true for anyone and that it takes two to tangle - so to speak. At least now readers are aware of where I stand.

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Views: 113 · Added: 3 days ago

My bff and I was venting about being rejected. Please read my blog and tell me what you think. I am trying to stay positive but being REJECTED by JOBS, & GUYS is pretty had to have a positive outlook on life. I even feel REJECTED by GOD. I know I am not a bad person but I feel I am being punish for being an emotional woman who only wants to be LOVED, PROVIDED FOR, AND HAPPY FOR A CHANGE! Is that so wrong to want?

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Views: 55 · Added: 3 days ago

Let me be whoever you want me to be.

Wielding paddle or strap
Pleasure and pain sure to follow.
Butterflies tumble before leading to flight
A gasp, a struggle, a moan until it is done
Tears of joy, tears of sorrow, exhilaration like no other.

Every day starts anew, a chance to excel a chance to flounder
Which way to turn…toward the pleasure or burn
Our past always fingers the future.
Leading to paths never considered.
May your gasp and your groan ever linger.
A good omen to end gazing upon a crimson moon.

In the end I can be only me, leather in hand or over bended knee.

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