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Mr G added a new rule along with taking photos of my lines and myself, to prove i was wearing makeup, i now had to take a daily picture of my pussy.
I got a selfie stick for my birthday so tried to take some sexy pictures of myself, i think i am beginning to like my bottom and realise its not a big fat ugly bottom, but a shapely curvy sexy bottom.
What do you guys think? Are my selfies any good ?

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Hey everyone

im james from chicago , looking to make friends in the community any one live near chicago?

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so i had my first proper spanking since my parents stopped spanking me. i met with a spanking therapist last week on my birthday. she had me take off all my clothes so that i was completely naked. then she took me across her knee for the start of a long hard spanking. i knew i needed to be punished and she made sure i was truly sorry for my behaviour. i feel like a new man since the spanking. i cant wait to be spanked again, this time to keep me in line so i can be a better man. i will always be a naughty boy, but with regular spankings i believe i can be that better man.
i waited a very long time to contact someone because i have always been ashamed of my need for spankings.......i should have followed through with this a long time ago.

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here is is Thurs evenin... I have noticed the Tube has been quite quiet today.. other than a few messages to me n a few blogs n a few walls written on I don't see much activity.. is that a good thing or a bad thing? hmmmm..... tomorrow is Friday.. last work day of the week for me n then I have 9 full days off... other than weekends I haven't had a day off since New Years Day which means I always have so much to cram into the weekends... I came home from work today n made dinner for my live in partner n his son who is here until July 10th... I did some chores n then made some homemade brownies for work for tomorrow .. I made 4 pans.. 1 with choc morsels in the batter n peanut butter frostin.. 1 regular with peanut butter frostin ( for a woman whos bday is tomorrow).. one regular with chocolate frostin and red raspberrie preserves piped in a criss cross pattern on top n the last one with cherries in the batter, choc frosting and cherries on top... figured just a lil treat for some of my fav people...well dunno what else to say.. I was bored lol...

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I am sure,like me,you all dreaded the day when your parents received your school reports. I still remember being seated in front of my Mother and Father as they viewed my school reports;I remember my Father tutting quite loudly as my Mother read my school report aloud. Then the same question being asked,"...When are you going to behave,Karen? This cannot carry on....!" My problem was I was not very good when it came to my behaviour at school,indeed I more or less stayed the same until I reached my second year at University,then I made a life changing decision and entered the convent,but back to my schooldays. I attended two schools,a Primary school and a Secondary school,both were run by a religious order so the school rules were quite strict. I don't remember a whole lot about primary school,there was not a whole lot I could get up to at such a young age,but when I entered secondary school things changed. The school was run by the Sisters of Mercy,an order I myself would enter many years later. I had not been at the school long when I devised a clever way of making a few quid. I began to sell cigarettes. I would invest my pocket money in a twenty pack of cigarettes and then sell the cigarettes one or two at a time. I seem to remember selling each cigarette for 20p at the time,back then a twenty pack of cigarettes was a lot cheaper than it is today.My little enterprise prospered for a few months before a 'disgruntled customer' (her name was Fiona), dropped me in it. That was the problem with doing something illegal,one was always open to blackmail without any recourse. I was caught and the Reverend Mother of the convent was not too pleased,I found it a bit hard to sit for a few days. There was a number of more incidences but unfortunately as I type this I am also keeping an eye on my baking so I will go into more detail another time.

Academically at school I done okay. Recently I discovered some of my old school reports that I had stored in one of the top rooms in my house.Jenny thinks we should take in lodgers,between the three of us here only two bedrooms are being used the other rooms I use for the occasional guests or just to store stuff in. When my Dad passed away a number of years ago I found my reports and just kept them.The following are from September 1984,I will start with my favourite subject;

HISTORY, A, Sr.Mary, Good student.Is capable of a lot more.Talkative.
Mathematics, A, Sr. Agnes Mary, Excellent. Participates well in class.
ENGLISH, C, Sr. Gertrude, Would do much better if she paid more attention.
IRISH, B, Sr. Gabriel, Good student.Sometimes forgetful of the task in

GEOGRAPHY, C, Sr. Bonaventure, A wilful girl who can be very rebellious.
Good worker when she pays attention.

ECONOMICS, C, Sr. Anne, Clever student.Talkative in class.
RELIGION, B, Sr.Bernadine, Needs to pay more attention.
HOME ECONOMICS B, Sr. Benedict, Good student,can do better.

I have a whole stack of these reports,some are good,some...not so good,I am however in possession of two of Jenny's school reports,might find their way on here. Just thought I share these,might get a chat going and who knows someone else might like to recall those horrid schooldays! Victoria sponge cake is almost done so goodbye for now and have a great day my friends.

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Finally got to try something I've been meaning to for a while now. Not really sure what to call it - I've been double-teamed before but never like this. The two Dommes sat in chairs facing each other, then moved in close so their knees were interlocking to form a great big lap. The lucky (?) spankee, which would be me, crawls across this giant lap and settles in for an amazing experience. Having two ladies spanking me at the same time was very intense, much more so than individual spankings, and soon had me squirming and gasping as the hairbrushes landed on my glowing buns.

I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a rather intense bottom blistering, as it will definitely do the job. We didn't get video or pics this time, but will do so next time.

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It's so nice if anyone wants to comment on my post they can as they say he he ha ha no spanking for Me saves my behind as you can tell I'm bold

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I'm so so bored good thing I go to work tomorrow apartment should be spotless but it so hot it makes me tired it's not dirty just needs tlc

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I posted this on this very site 803 days ago..... THIS was my blog on many sites...just thought id share it again....

Introduction I am a grown woman with a "lil girl" inside of me. I love long hot bubble baths with colored water. I am lovin and carin. I dont always make the best decisions and often need a firm hand. I can be stubborn at times, I withdraw when I get hurt or am feelin insecure...I do NOT like to be yelled at or called vulgar names but I do need a man who knows how to use a stern look or a raised eyebrow. One who knows how to talk to me "lil girl" "young lady" when I have done somethin that he doesnt approve of. I am VERY much into spankin. Spankin for play, erotica, maintance, discipline. i need my limits tested n pushed..And my guy needs to be able to provide me with this...I am seeking a long term relationship with a male who understands and is into domestic discipline. A man who is in control but who is not controllin. Someone who will allow me to have a say in important matters but whos final decision will be his. A man who has his n my best interest at heart. Who will listen to me and be there for me.Someone to make me laugh and who likes to cuddle..n give affection as well as recieve it..
I enjoy country music or soft rock. I love to go to the movies n hold hands. I love to take long walks or just sit in a park and take in the scenery. I like to read but do not get to do that much anymore. From readin on here i see i need to mention a few more things.. (1) i am a ONE on ONE kinda gal.. i do not share well n wont b part of a "harem".. (2) i am not seekin cyberplay or phone play although i have no problem with talkin on the phone or on to get to know someone better.. (3) i will NOT b someones "dirty lil secret".. (4) im am seekin a REAL relationship n with one who LIVES this.. not plays at it..i dont want someone who comes home n says at bedtime "ok tonight im "Daddy" n ur my "lil girl".. this is a lifestyle for me.. not a game..(5) i am NOT a switch.. i just CANT.. its not in me..(6) I am not lookin to start a long distance relationship, I am seekin someone local
My Ideal Person looks arent all that important to me.. after all we all r alike inside ( well unless ur a alien.. then maybe u got green ooze er somethin)...i do prefer men of a heavier build n i love bald heads...just somethin really sexy bout that "Mr Clean" look.. come on.. admit it.. Mr Clean is a sexy SOB.. yeah id do him lol..
my "Daddy" should have manners n set good examples...he should b someone to treat me with respect n expect/demand respect in return.. but that respect should also be earned, not just expected..he should b someone who is firm but fair with me.. consistant... attentive..i need him to know i need rules n guidelines but at the same time there r times i need to "test" them..( n he UNDERSTANDS this) see if what he says NO to today.. is still NO the next time.. i love to tease n brat it up... I NEED to FEEL like Daddys lil girl.. I need to feel loved n looked after, I need to feel safe n secure...I need to feel like I am important to my Daddy n that I am his ONLY one.. I don't like to feel like im in a competition against other females.. I do NOT like to think of my "Daddy" as Daddy or to have him refer to himself as Daddy durin any sexual act.. I have to be his special girl at that time, not his lil girl..
i prefer what takes place tween us to stay tween us BUT at the same time.. i need him to not b afraid to give me a "look" or a "ahem" or somethin similiar if he finds me doin/sayin somethin he doesnt approve of n we r in public.. also that he not b afraid to remove me from the situation if need b to have a lil "talk"..he should NOT b a liar..
my Daddy needs to know that durin playtime i love him to say hes gonna spank me.. gonna pull my panties down to bare my bottom.. to call me a naughty girl or bad girl.. i LOVE that.. BUT .. at the same time.. i do NOT like that at all when im really bein punished but at the same time.. i guess i need to hear it just the same..
i need my Daddy to set rules that r important.. perhaps no speedin or goin to bed on time... i need him to use other punishments along with spankin.. ( groundin.. priveldges takin away.. early bedtime.. cornertime.. writin lines/essays.. ) i need to say i need other punishments other than spankin but i need to b spanked as part of those punishments as well.. otherwise that lil girl in me feels like "daddy doesnt feel im worth botherin with"... n the same goes for bein ignored.. i know some Daddies ignore their lil girl as a punishment.. i CANNOT handle that.. it causes such deep hurt inside me..
above i mention in not a switch.. BUT ..that dont mean i wont tease/test "daddy" at times n threaten to spank him.. just to see his reaction.. just to see how far he will let me go..
i do not like to b FORCED or ORDERED into sexual favors.. i like sex to b enjoyable for both of us.. somethin i WANT to do to please him..somethin to look forward to.. a reward perhaps or "just because" but not used as a punishment..
i will b honest.. if ur the type to say "on ur knees bitch".. ur likely to get a "after u BITCH!" in return..sorry but i want a lovin carin firm fair consistant Daddy that i can love n trust n respect n look up to.. i want him to b the one i look forward to comin home to or havin him come home to me..
i do have a big family that is VERY important to me, my children r all grown n out on their own but i am still very much into their lives, i will let no one come between my family n myself...
might add more later if more comes to mind but i suppose that is it for now..

now make sure u paid attention to EVERYTHIN i wrote here OR . i might haffa spank U... *giggles*..

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I am looking for more subs or clients would have you I can travel I am I need in someone to mentor :) it is one of my favorite things to do if you are intrested I would be more then glad to help you and your needs :)txt me (304) 405-4250 if you would like to contact me females only

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ok I wasn't goin to do this but now I am... .my post yesterday was about someone I JUST recently started talkin with.........he was very polite n respectful... BUT I insisted on a pic n his age n I got both...where I will not disclose his name cause even tho I'm an asshole I'm not that much of an we had no history.. he hadn't Domed me ( I'm sure I spelled that wrong lol)..but before his age id considered it.. I miss what I had before with someone else n even tho id been on this site for almost 7 yrs ive not let ANYONE Dom me from here..recently someone came back into my life that brought back all those safe content feelin loved n cared for feelins but it just didn't work.. but I DO want that.. I DO want ALL that.. so yes I just started lookin n this person seemed perfect EXCEPT for his age n even tho I told him in quite a few messages it would not work n y he was persistant... so today I come on to a message from him tellin me not to contact him again because id written a blog n was disrespectful to him for it n he wasn't so nice after all... I messaged him back tellin him I WILL message him cause he did me..i told him I wasn't disrespectful because I didn't name him n I was only makin others aware about ME.. what I need n want.. I told him I was sorry that it didn't work, I wished him luck, I congratulated him on his new sub etc n ended it with a smile... his response back was for me to fuck off cause I hurt yeah now I'm a lil pissed myself... I tried to be as nice as possible but guess that wasn't good enough. if hes got another sub anyhow I shouldn't matter at all is the way I look at it.... anyways.. rant over

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My birthday coming up going to casino on there money saving my bottom since no one can handle me he he ha ha

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my birthday is next week Wednesday iam going need 45 birthday spanking can go over 45 if want any female intrested in giving me birthday spanking please contact me please

iam going have a birthday paddle you can use on me i want OTK birthday spanking would a double birthday spanking as well July 6th is my birthday

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In my opnion it doesn't and shouldn't matter I think it adds to the humiliation factor if I'm spanking an older sub I enjoy older subs but here my age range 20 - 50 I love to give them structure and more so displine them I give my subs a sense of authority , and a loving caring environment :) so if you ask me is it not okay to Have a younger Dom I say it's better more energy and more effective displine :) and a guy to show off when he takes you do dinner if your good lol

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Upcoming travel dates!

NYC : July 2-15. I am back in My personal space in Queens, NY near JFK airport and the Resort World Casino. Also available in Manhattan at the prestigious Rubber Studio with a day's notice.

Washington Dc/Northern Virginia : July 16-17

In August I'll be in Springfield, MO 8/11 and Kansas City 8/12-13.

For booking info please visit
See Me in action at and

Julie Simone

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I was punished by daddy due to the fact that I was a bad girlfriend talking back to him when I was not supposed to. I was order by daddy to go to my room spank my myself bare ass and with a hairbrush 65 times. Ohhhhh boy did it hurt, I learned my lesson. I am sorry daddy I will never be rude to you anymore

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I just given one of my subs 200 seats on her bare bottom for her disrespect you will not ever tell me no or question my ways that just ends up being hell for you I tried to be nice I do not let subs run over top of me

Ladies if you want a strict displianarian I am the man for the job but let it be heard I will not take any disrespect of any kind

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Ok I dunno if I should call this a problem or not but its somethin that's freshly on my mind.... I have had quite a few requests from Doms on here... now in truth I don't go snoopin on other peoples profiles UNLESS they friend request me, message me or write on my wall.. so I have no clue who is who, how old someone is, their level of experience etc... ill b honest again, I don't accept most requests..maybe I'm rude I dunno but I cant accept someone just for the hell of it... so as ive said ive had some requests, messages from Doms .. everyones been quite sweet n respectful .. then they either try to Dom me or want to be my Dom n a few ive found r quite young... I will not throw anyone under the bus cause theres no reason to n I'm sure if they r doin the same with others they will be just as honest with them as they have been with me but for myself Id need someone more my age or older ( n yes I'm an old fart)..for me to feel comfortable... so please keep that in mind before tryin to Dom me or wantin to... again ty so much for ur honesty.....

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I went shopping today in my royal blue tights and a sweater. I think everyone remembers me getting a spanking in my green tights and a sweater for going shopping dressed like that. Well I'm going to make sure my spanker finds out that I did this today!

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