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Views: 28 · Added: 7 hours ago

Which horror is scarier, vampires or spanking?
A buttload of welts is as horrid as heck.
But Dracula's thirst gets the scarier ranking
Because of those two little holes in your neck.

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Views: 25 · Added: 8 hours ago


If anyone would like to reach us other than this site:
Fetlife: DevilishDuo52307
Twitter: @TheBigDaddy81 (Craig)

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Views: 55 · Added: 10 hours ago

Hello to dear friends old and new. I hope all of you are well and happy. I'm fine. I drifted off and became engrossed in a couple of favorite, old pastimes. I started playing World of Warcraft again with a vengeance after I started a new character, a little female gnome Monk. What a fun class! If you play WOW, try a Monk if you haven't already. Great fun! I've been crocheting a lot, too. Found wonderful Lion brand patterns for a shrug and a poncho using their "thick and quick" yarn, easy to do and very soft. Have made a few for myself, a neighbor and now working on Christmas gifts. I'll get to my ST mail as soon as I can but I want to give particular thanks to Cassie, sorrylilgirl, C, goodboy and Misty for your very kind wall messages. Your thoughtfulness is appreciated very much.

It's Halloween! Yay, my favorite holiday. No inspiration for a new poem so here's my oldie but goodie from last year. Be good, be safe and enjoy trick 'n treating like the wicked, little goblins you are. Happy Halloween!

ZOMBIE JAMBOREE!!!! (The song that killed calypso)*

''Back to back, belly to belly
Well I don't give a damn, 'cause I done that already!''


The veil is lifted for a night
Ghosts drift by, their vapors light
Mummies, ghoulies in command
Vlad the Impaler leads the band

Don a costume, wear a mask
Pour some gin into a flask
Put on pants from Abercrombie
Dance bizarrely, be a Zombie

Slurp eyeball soup and cream of rats
Climb a belfry full of bats
Fly a broomstick 'cross the moon
Drink clotted blood with just a spoon


Try some mischief and you'll learn
This witch is cranky and she's stern
Don't use eggs and don't use soap
Or, I'll tie you with a rope

Cross the porch to ring my bell
and I will treat you very well
But if you run across my grass
I'll haul you in and spank your ass. : )

So, savor...

Popcorn balls and apple ciders
Watch your back for toads and spiders
Spectral skulls with teeth that chatter
None of that will really matter...


You run afoul of me, The Witch! *cackle cackle cackle*


* ''Zombie Jamboree'' by the original Kingston Trio: Dave Guard, Bob Shane & Nick Reynolds on their 1958 album ''From the Hungry i''.

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Views: 27 · Added: 11 hours ago

A Master taught me that trust is earned. That the onus of trust lies upon you. That my body is to be respected. This body brought forth Life. The mystery and miracle of Life was produced inside me, You were created and grew in the primordial depths of a Woman's body. You are humbled and amazed by the miracle and beauty of Woman's body. You strive to be worthy when I give you my trust. You bear the burden of responsibility to care for the heart, mind, and body of a Woman when I give you the gift of my trust. You respect me, you care for me, when I give you that gift. That I am worthy of nothing less than Respect, that I am a Goddess. That you revel in the headiness of such power. And are aware that Absolute Power breeds Absolute Corruption, and you bear that burden, the burden of vigilance against corruption, and wise stewardship of my whole being, my physical and emotional and mental health. It is a tremendous responsibility to care for another human being. You've made decisions that have ended lives, and ones that have preserved lives, you've nurtured and shaped young lives, know and accept that burden while I am in your care. That you must prove over time that you are worthy of my trust, nurturing it like a fire, from the first spark to the ongoing flames you feed. That a Master accepts nothing less in himself than being worth that precious and rare gift. And that I am worth no less than being recognized as that precious and rare gift.

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Views: 42 · Added: 22 hours ago

Man versteht sich super mit jemanden und plötzlich meldet er sich lange Zeit nicht mehr und dann kommt eine Mail das er einfach mal aus deinem Leben verschwindet.... und dann noch dieses "Bloß keine Frage stellen?!und ein schönes Leben wünschen"
Sorry aber das hättest du dir dann auch sparen können...

Geht den immer nur eins, Spanking Partner oder Freundschaft ?
kann man nicht beides sein?
Anscheinend nicht...

Und was lernen wir daraus.... alle Männer sind Schweine.... richtig....

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Courtesy of Misty, ©2014 mistymornings

On the night when the moon is a spooky white
And the ghosts and ‘itches are all about
Take your ghouly lady over your knee and
Spank her bottom 'till she hollers and shouts.

Happy Halloween, everyone. Be safe. C

Note: The photograph is one taken by Misty. It was shot as the sun, but he did his magic thing and changed it to white moon for me to be used this Halloween. I display it with his permission and it is copyrighted. I owe you, Misty, but it seems I always do. Thanks.

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"One Hundred Years From Now"

One hundred years from now
It won't matter
What kind of car I drove
What kind of house I lived in
How much money I had in the bank
Nor what my cloths looked like
The world may be a little better
Because, I was important
In the life of a child.

Author: Forest Witcraft (excerpt from "Within My Power")

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Views: 72 · Added: 1 days ago

i hav alredy riceved a spanking punishment today... 3 round of 60 stroke of my nasty hard heavy paddle.... it supposed that give me the inspiration to study...but i didn't start jet....

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Views: 65 · Added: 1 days ago

I want to thank to Marcus and all the wonderful ST team... this site is really running faster than ever before!

Thank you all!!

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Views: 83 · Added: 1 days ago

I was wondering if anyone can tell me about any bad experiences they have had with meeting up with someone on st that they didn't know for a session. Please tell me about it. Also if anyone know the people that control ST. Please talk to them because they will not put any of my new videos up. To the people who want to do a session with me. I will be in the BIG NY before CHRISTMAS. So please contact me now to let me know what your schedules are looking like.

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Views: 82 · Added: 1 days ago

After 4 exhausting hours of travel, two anxiety attacks, being late, another anxiety attack, hyperventilating, and getting someone extremely pissed at me...I can say I had my first experience of being a worthless booty call. When he first told me he was good at what he did, I was pretty sure that he was just blowing smoke out of his ass.

Holy shit, I was wrong.

My experience with the spanking itself was simply splendid, he hit all of the right spots with the perfect amount of force and peppering; my ass was sizzling with the most pleasurable pain! His scolding was perfect, though with how mad I made him, I'm not surprised it came out with as much venom as it did.

Won't be playing with this one again but I say " lucky!" to the next few who do. I won't say names.

Guys. I will never travel 8 hours for a session again, you bitches have to come to me, I'm so done with trains and buses for a few months.


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Views: 180 · Added: 2 days ago

The best things
in life either
make you fat,
drunk or pregnant!

NOT forgetting
very sore bottomed!

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Views: 60 · Added: 2 days ago

Sigh. This is a re-write of a lost story.
I love my Honda dirt bike and wish my man felt the same. I have to be very careful and obey all of his safety concerns even though I am an expert rider with 25 yrs experience and am very safety conscious. I am a good girl. But I admit I get in trouble and he always catches me by asking a simple question. I am not allowed to lie nor is he in our relationship. HE can tell when I have been bad before I answer him. It sucks! A LOT. He says if I get hurt on my motorcycle or disobey his restrictions, it is going to disappear. As a spanko I daydream situations that would get my ass tore up. Here is where the daydream part of his friend blackmailing me comes in.

(writing when I can....sorry for the breaks. )

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Views: 123 · Added: 2 days ago

As weird as it sounds, getting back to my spanking fetish really helps take my mind off of bad things.

That's why I love spanking….there's something so pure about it. It's simply you and your sore bottom, and the punishment. There's no bullshit or continuing drama.

A firm spanking is just what I need :-)

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Views: 118 · Added: 2 days ago

True......i have yet to find someone that i would be afraid of them strapping me. I dont really think you should be afraid of anyone that is disciplining you.

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Views: 76 · Added: 2 days ago

So there is this great spanking couple, lots of videos, hard spanking videos. In "More No Mommy" I found my favorite exchange of dialogue between Spanker and spankee, as seen in the attached photo. The well worn red paddle belongs to me, and it didn't get that way by spanking a rubber ball :)

Him: Whered you get that?

Her: Don't you worry about where I got it

Him: Yeah but it looks used

Her: I'm, I'm sure it was used, and now I'm going to show you what it was used for.

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Views: 140 · Added: 2 days ago

So it's halloween this week, It's all very exciting! I'm sitting here trying to find inspiration for costumes, but it's probably a bit of a pointless exercise. I'm doubtful Alex will actually let me have one, considering I'm not actually going anywhere that requires me to dress up. I'm going foraging in the forest with my friends for halloween, It's going to be wonderfully magical. But I still think the experience would be enhanced if i was a big scccaaarryyy bat:) But I'm not really having much luck anyway, I might as well just type 'Sexy pvc' in the google search when I'm looking for my halloween costumes. I don't want to be a sexy dead maid or a sexy zombie nurse, I wanna be sccccaarryy!! Well i hope you all have a frightfully fun halloween :)

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Views: 93 · Added: 2 days ago

Hello everyone and especially my friends,
I thought I would let everyone know that in June of 2014, God willing and the creek doesn't rise, I will become a Grandpa. I just found this out a couple of days ago. I have met some very nice people on here and I thought I would share that little slice of life with all of you. Thank you for all the comments that you have given on my blogs. This site is crammed with good people.

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Views: 108 · Added: 3 days ago

i believe in domestic discipline there are amillion reasons i could try and explain why half of which i dont even understand ..the point is who the fuck cares why. what i do know is this is not bdsm(there is nothing wrong with that } if its what you want but i am nobodys slave i bow down to noone no you are not going to slap my ass then touch or fuck me sorry not happening keep moving

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Views: 63 · Added: 3 days ago

Is it so hard to find friends just friends who believe in or at least accept domestictic discipline. Im so tired of hearing the same things its either oh yeah ill spank you then we can fuck or you can suck mydick/eat my pussy...No thats bdsm/sms and thats all good but not what i want or need...or the great responce of eeewww why would you do that/allow someone to do that to you refering to spanking....I just want friends who i can speak openly and honestly with about my beliefs and feelings.

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