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I am really getting sick of replacing belts on my Chrysler. Third time this month. It is snowing, garage is not heated and my fingers are burning. Have to remove front tire and shields to get to then lay on floor for some, and tight, no room from the top. all scratched up, bruised and thoroughly pissed off

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(original flash fiction)

and the rain, beat a staccato tattoo, on the roof of the car...

I made that run into Monterey, just for old times sake, and was thinking about the first time. You adjusted the seat back, raised your hips, and slid your panties all the way off so that you could feel the leather of the seat. I watched, you smiled, and let your skirt ride all the way to your waist, and touched yourself.

I down shifted into the curves and accelerated coming out, and let the beast do it's thing. It was like some wild animal, feline in nature, that wanted off of it's chain. Or was that you? You handed me a CD, the Chris Isaak, the one we both liked, and I slipped it in...

"baby did a bad bad thing, baby did a bad bad thing..."

(in progress)

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Now one might have thought that the sudden appearance of the very bright star in the heavens ought to have attracted a teensy-weensy more attention than it did – especially as it was accompanied by no lesser a personage than the Archangel Gabriel himself? Yet the only people who seemed to take any notice at all was a bunch of shepherds on the hill outside town.

Actually – that isn’t quite true because three wise guys in the east have also noticed it, checked their books of prophesies, and decided that this is the big one. So they pack their cases, stuff some expensive gifts in their saddlebags, mount their camels and set off hotfoot for the Holy Land.

Eventually they arrive in Jerusalem at King Herod’s court and pop in to pay their respects, but are dismayed to discover that the promised new king isn’t there. In fact – a new king wasn’t even expected nor, it would appear, be particularly welcome.

Herod himself receives them because, as the incumbent ruler, he takes a keen interest in such matters –and frankly he is bored and could use some light entertainment. No – he wasn’t aware that his successor had been born. Yes - he would like to know where he was. If the wise guys got lucky and found him, would they kindly return and give him the “heads up” so that he, Herod, could go pay his respects the little chap in person?

So the three wise guys say “sure thing pal” and set off towards Bethlehem where the star seems to be hovering, leaving Herod and his courtiers rolling about in fits of laughter as soon as the door slams shut behind them.

Meanwhile back at the stable, things were going from bad to worse for Jo-Jo because the virgin Sherry was screaming at him that the baby was coming and that he should quit being a useless f****ing twat and that he should (string of expletives) DO something about it!

Poor Jo-Jo. He had been looking forward to catching a few hours shut-eye in the company of his faithful donkey and all he was getting was grief. So wearily he tells Sherry to hang on and stay put whilst he goes up to the inn to ask for assistance.

In response to his urgent knocking, the door opens and he finds the innkeeper who is wearing a red Santa Claus outfit, looking down at him with a less than amical expression on his face.

“Yes?” he growled. “What do you want now? I hope you haven’t come to complain that the towels are dirty, or there’s no toilet paper, or the floors haven’t been vacuumed?”

Jo-Jo shakes his head.

“N –no Sir! My wife says she is going to have the baby soon. She said some very harsh things to me and told me to go and find a midwife or something. I don’t know what to do”

The innkeeper looked at him open-mouthed as though he were an alien from another planet!

“Do?” he replies. “Do? YOU (poking Jo-Jo in the chest) don’t have to DO anything pal. The baby will come of its own accord. Didn’t your parents tell you about this stuff?”

It was clear from Jo-Jo’s bewildered expression that they hadn’t. The innkeeper ran his hands over his bald head in exasperation.

“Now look here Sunshine!” He rasped. “This is Christmas Eve in Bethlehem - Not University Hospital in Tel Aviv! All the midwives will be out partying and frankly I wouldn’t trust any of them to deliver a Christmas card, never mind a living baby. All I can do is give you some free advice.”

He thrusts a length of thin-ish rope into Jo-Jo’s hands.

"Take the rope, get the missus stripped off and lash her wrists to an overhead beam – just like you would if you were going to give her a good whipping. In fact – you could give her a whipping anyway to wipe that smug “holier than thou” expression off of her face. Then all you got to do is sit back, take it easy and let nature take its course. Gravity will do the job for you. Just remember to catch the sprog when it drops out. You need to be careful with that bit because they can be a bit slippery.

“If it comes out alive you can wrap it in this old horse blanket. If it doesn’t then take it up on the hill and leave it for the wolves. Don’t you DARE bury it in my yard or I will cut your bollocks off with a rusty hacksaw – capiche?”

Jo-Jo looks terrified but he nods and heads back towards the stable. He just knows that Sherry isn’t going to be pleased – but he can see some merit in the innkeepers advice. God knows the woman deserves a good whipping for all the shit she throws at him!

As he makes his way towards the door he can already hear her screaming a torrent of abuse. He has half a mind to tie the rope around his own neck and end it all there and then. But truth to tell – he is such a dick that he would probably make a mess of that too – so he opens the door and allows events take their course.

The records are vague upon exactly how the birth went – but Jo-Jo must have muddled through somehow because the next thing we know is that the baby is peacefully asleep in a manger being licked by the cattle – who are fortunately vegetarian - and a bunch of curious shepherds have appeared at the door, demanding to see the new King!

Jo-Jo is minded to tell them to fuck off and mind their own business but they all crowd in offering to put some money in the King’s piggy-bank, and begging to offer the proud father a swig or two of whisky from their hip flasks. So he relents and says they can stay for a bit after all.
Then – for good measure – a heavenly choir turns up and starts singing carols – and truth to tell they ain’t bad singers by any standard.

This then is the scene which greats the Three Wise Men when they eventually turn up. They have a bit of trouble squeezing in but when they flash the gold, frankincense and myrrh about, everybody show them a bit of respect; especially when they break open a case of wine, and they get themselves front-row seats.

Pretty soon there is a party going on and everybody is roaring drunk, including the animals because somehow a bottle of gin has fallen into the water trough!

When the innkeeper comes down to investigate what the commotion is he is furious.

“What the fuck is going on here?” he yells. “You (pointing at Jo-Jo)! I just knew you were trouble the minute I clapped eyes on you. Get these fucking shepherds out of here and that damned choir too. I haven’t got a music licence and there have already been complaints from the neighbours. Who are these poofs with the flashy suits?”

One of the Wise Men steps forward and offers his hand.

“We are the Magi.” he said. “Come to honour our new king. Unto us a saviour is born – hallelujah! “

“Amen!” shout the shepherds.

“Glory to God in the highest!” chants the Heavenly Choir

“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” bellows the innkeeper. “Do you want to get us all crucified? Herod has spies everywhere. If he finds out there is a baby here he will come down on us like a ton of bricks!

“Right – come on get out all of you. I’ve had quite enough for one night! And clean the place up before you go – it’s looking like a fucking pigsty in here!”

One of the Maji then steps forward.

“Listen friend,” he says in a conciliatory tone. “Pray take this bag of gold as a token of our goodwill and we will be on our way. No need to call the gendarmes dear boy. They will be busy enough on Christmas Eve as it is.”

Well – the bag of gold considerably softens the innkeepers attitude and he even lets Jo-Jo and Sherry stay the night on condition they leave first thing in the morning and take the baby with them.

During the night, Jo-Jo has a disturbing dream in which an angel advises him that Herod is on his way to kill all children in the town under two years old, and that he would be better off going to sojourn in Egypt for a few years.

The Three Wise Men have a similar dream and also make themselves scarce, on account that Herod might turn out to be an ungrateful kind of guy who kills the messengers as well as messiahs.

The shepherds go back to their flocks and keep their traps shut or they will be fired for dereliction of duty. Nobody believes their stories anyway.

And the innkeeper keeps quiet because he doesn’t want Caesar’s men sniffing round and finding his bag of gold.

So everything in Bethlehem returns to normal. People tuck into their Turkey dinners and Brussels sprouts. The star vanishes as quickly as it appeared and nothing happens much for another thirty or forty years until it all kicks off in and around Jerusalem.

The End



Based upon extracts from the book “Holy Bible” by King James, from an original idea by Prophet Isaiah. Additional background information was supplied by Josephus and various other historical commentators.

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Hello everyone

It has been a while since I've done a blog post. I guess I haven't really had anything to say. Life goes on with the usual round of work, household chores, Dad's taxi duties etc, etc.

Some will have noticed that there has been a major cull of our videos with a few making it back on to the site. Anonymity still remains a concern and it's good to think that links to our stuff from external sites will have been broken. Even when videos are 'private' there is sufficient detail in the public thumbnails to identify people. If we were professional spanking performers we'd have no concerns, but of course we aren't professionals in this particular field :)

On that point, although we have never sought to do anything with a commercial intent it has struck me that if we'd made a penny per view we'd be looking at a worthwhile sum of money by now!

I can see why the site needs to attract visits from none members but we would be far more comfortable with a system where 'private' clips are just that and are not visible at all. What tends to happen when we post a 'private' video is we get an influx of friend requests from folks who can't even bother to explain why they want to be friends. You then look at their playlist and see that they've never watched our public vids but the last thing they clicked on was the one marked 'private'.

We do get absolutely fantastic communications from many members on a regular basis and I'm sure it would be a delight to get to know you folks better. Other times I have the concern that the friend request is coming from someone who want's to get their hands on a juicy clip to post elsewhere. With that in mind, if anyone has ever seen our material posted elsewhere please do get in touch as it is highly unlikely to have been posted with our permission. The Governess has links to 2 of the films for the rather obvious reason that she is the magnificent star of them.

I'm going to stop moaning now and focus on the week ahead :)

It is my birthday in a few days and that is an occasion which has traditionally resulted in my bum getting a good seeing to. The mixture of excitement and fear is already starting to build. Ms. E gets ever more willing to deliver a serious punishment and usually pulls out all the stops. We will just have to see what happens:)

Take care,


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When you leave me behind, love, do I still exist?
Do you, now, think of me, with my hair in your fist?
Do you long for my tongue? For my mouth wet and warm?
Can you picture me now and the way I'd perform?
When your hand holds you stiff, do you wish it was mine?
Can you still feel my kiss on its tip, bathed in wine?
Your hand, does it sting, from the slap of my ass?
Can you picture each stroke? The paddle? The lash?
In bed, with your traces, left wet, on the sheets,
With the pink of your fingers, left hard, on my cheeks.
I just want you here, next to me, firm and hot.
Your hand, wrapped around, while you finger my knot.
My nipples erect, pointed pink in your teeth
I cum in a squirt, as you grant me relief.
You slap up behind me, I'm sore, you don't care.
You drill me and grab me and pull on my hair.
You're so far inside me, your dick is so deep,
The vestige of you, I embrace while I sleep.

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We have many contributing writers here on the site, on topics all over the map, all good. To write, you have to read. I wanted to start a blog to encourage chat about... writing, and reading. With that in mind, I always wonder, what authors others read. So, what's on your nightstand (besides a paddle that is)?

I gravitate, mostly, to junk fiction (yes, I've also read the classics). I tend to like cleverly written thrillers, espionage, spy stuff - Jason Bourne kind of thing. Here's a few...

John Grisham - I hesitated to read (or mention) Grisham mostly because he is/was so popular. Panning to the masses might be good for the pocketbook but tends to devalue validity - in art, music, movies, and writing. I did break down and found myself burning through all of the Grisham novels. I would recommend The Painted House. It has a real To Kill A Mockingbird feel to it and is way out of the box of the usual Grisham lawyer fare.

Martin Cruz Smith - the Moscow police detective Arkady Renko series is outstanding! the whole reluctant hero pressed into service plot. His dialog is dry, witty and leaves you on the floor. VERY cleverly written as you climb inside of Renko's mind and watch him go to work. recommended MCS: Havanna Bay, Polar Star, and the first of the Renko series - Gorky Park

Phillip Kerr - Kerr's Bernie Gunther series closely parallels the same plot form that the MCS Renko series does (reluctant hero, very capable, very clever). The Gunther character is a pre war Berlin police detective, forced into the SS during the war, and then turned PI after the war. This guy (Kerr) has to be the worlds foremost authority on pre and post war Germany. He has all the names, dates and associations down pat and will steamroll you as he intertwines both fact and fiction, through the eyes of Gunther. very noir in style. Kerr also includes about three pages of annotated footnotes at the end of his novels, citing his sources, just in case you were asking yourself: "Is that accurate or is he just making that crap up." recommended PK: any, Hitler's Peace, Prague Fatale. I started with Field Grey

When selecting something to satisfy your appetite for the printed word, who do you read? My flavor of he month is Kerr. If Kerr is a steak, then Stephen King is potato chips (not that there is anything wring with potato chips, they're good sometimes too, just don't eat too many). Sink your teeth in a big fat juicy steak, Read a Kerr novel.

defining Noir style: dark, gritty, strange, ambivalent, erotic, cruel

When writing fiction, Kerr and Smith have influenced my own writing the most as I try to create lead characters, in a noir style, that they would approve of: the broken down reluctant hero, always in a tough spot, fish out of water, but always winds up one step ahead of you, A thinking man's tough guy.

this Is my extremely abbreviated lists of past and current reads. with that in mind, I think I'll grab a book and head to bed. Winter is the best time for reading, to hunker in under a blanket and tell the rest of the world to go away...

What a wonderfully selfish luxury that is.

So, what's on your nightstand, besides that paddle?

also of note: forgot to mention Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil - John Berendt. A true crime novel from Savannah GA. You can't make stuff like this up. The best way to describe the novel is a line form the movie they made from the book: "It's like Gone With the Wind on acid." get it. read it. Don't try to short cut it and rent the movie, you'll be saying WTF? through half the movie. read the book first.

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Unexpectedly our son decided he was going out, well we found out when he came down dressed to go out, aftershave smelt first before he came in, coat on, new hugo boss hat on, saying "I'm going out, oh but i need train money and possibly money to go out too, please."
Naturally Master gave him both and I knew only too well that meant he wanted some fun, even tho he had a shocking migraine and i'd been in bed in the afternoon with bad pain.
We enjoyed a takeaway when Master said, "oh you may as well have your punishment today as we have the opportunity."
I naturally tried to get out of it.
"Upstairs, get naked and lash out, NOW." Master ordered.
Lying on my tummy central on the bed, Master asked "Why are you getting this punishment Serf ?"
"Coz i couldnt drink all your piss Master." I replied.
"What punishment are you getting ?" He asked.
"20 strokes with the lash Master." I told him.
"Good, get ready then." He ordered.
I grabbed a pillow to hold onto and scream into, i knew the lash was bad, v v bad.
And i wasn't wrong. I tried my hardest not to move inbetween but it was terribly hard. On stroke 4 Master told me taking a pause between each one is only making the pain last longer so stay still. Again i tried, on stroke 10 Master did a much harder one and he came to examine my bottom.
"Mmmmm may have to go a bit lighter now, that one broke the skin badly."
He moved to the other side of the bed and did the next 8 slightly softer, focusing more on my thighs than bottom.
"The last 2 now Serf, are you ready ?"
I nodded into the pillow when a hard stroke whipped across my cheeks. I screeched into the pillow, wiggling my bottom and kicking my legs up. Eventually i settled down, ready for number 20. This again whipped my cheeks and down the edge on my hip and thigh, the tail left its nasty mark.
I collapsed into a heap, finally it was over.

"On your knees, head down down, bottom up now."
I turned to look at Master to see him holding the awful high impact cane i bought.
No use in arguing, i got into position, as he caned my legs and sit spot, when he struck across the broken skin i almost jumped thru the roof, kneeling up, until Master pushed me over again and continued to stripe my legs and ass. Until i was up once more, moving to the bottom end of the bed.
"Oh you want to play this side instead." He reached into our toy drawer, grabbed my gag and fastened it quickly.
"I believe you missed your morning spanking, so time for a harder toy, like your giant paddle." Placing it against my bottom, toying with my emotions, where would he hit, when, how hard, why is he waiting, just get on with it.
Master delivered a perfect paddling, i really enjoyed it, even tho it hurt, especially over my cut, but i was in the zone. I knew my legs were shaking with the pain, but my brain wanted more, much more. Though i screamed into the gag, slobbering into it, tears pouring, mascara streaking my face.
The collection of garden canes came out and Master focused on the left cheek mostly as the right was now bleeding quite badly. Every now and then he stopped and asked if i had enough, i shook my head, no i wanted more, leaving master chuckling. "You really are a dirty Serf arent you." My turn to giggle then.
For a break Master brought out a dildo, fucking my pussy to almost orgasm, then stopping, "Oh no, youre not allowed to cum." Inserting it again, playing with me, my mind, telling me to keep the dildo in place, it fell out, so again it was inserted, keep it in place i was told again. I placed my legs together to keep it falling out, but after i while i could feel it slipping out, i coukdnt help giggling into my gag. "Have you let it go again ? Are you giggling ?" He said.
Naughty serfs dont get away with that, she gets the cane across the shoulders now." As he did taps across my shoulders making me do this crazy dance on my knees, shouting into my gag. I imagine a few choice swear words would have come out had it not been for the gag. I turned my shoulders away from him making the fatal mistake of leaving my tits available to his devilish fun. I automatically went to protect them. I did not want my newly pierced nipples hit.
"Do i need to cuff you to cane your tits ?" He asked, i looked at him pleadingly.
Then nodded. So i was cuffed to the bed rail, i closed my eyes,i never wanted to see the cane come towards me. He focused on the top of my tits, leaving stripe after stripe until i bent forwards. He grabbed a handful of my hair, pushing me back so he coukd continue his caning. Until i sobbed into the gag, my whole body shaking uncontrollably. I had had enough, Master released me, opening his arms out for me to recieve hugs and kisses. "Well done my little Serf." Master said.
The next few minutes were spent wiping blood off the toys, bed and my bottom, though it continued to bleed. I didnt care, i liked it. And when i looked in the mirror i felt so proud of the markings and bruising. Yes this had been a v good play. The evening ended with Master fucking my ass, his balls, skin rubbing against my v v tender skin, but after a few seconds i was back in the flow, enjoying the pain, grinding into him more and more until he exploded his hot cum up my tight ass.
No wonder we are both left exhausted, but oh what fun.

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Tomorrow, he'll come and kiss me. He is the only man who has only ever made me enjoy spanking with a man.
I'll take my pants down and lay across his lap on my bed. I want to stay hard thought it. I always want to stay hard for it. My fantasy is to hump his lap and cum as he spanks me.
But I know that if I can't stay hard through the bottom-warming, I'll be hard again when he switches places with me.
His cock is bigger and prettier than mine, and he takes a very, long firm spanking, often asking for it harder. And afterward, he'll be ready to cum, hard as a rock, and I'll suck him off.
His is the only cum I've ever had in my mouth. I want it again.

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Young Men on Maui Be Honorable, Be Gentlemen Holidays are here Keep pants ZIPPED UP and board shorts fastened so no sick from a sex infection that will mess up your junk permanently because your were thinking with your little head. Learn about self control and how to think with your big head first to Stay Healthy, mind, body, and soul. STI’s (sex transmitted infections) Syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia is everywhere on Maui, highest infection rates ever! Chances are good you know some youth. Talk story with them about how much danger they are in and to make smart choices!

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I recently had reason to visit a Chiropractor (three visits so far) to address work related back and shoulder problems that I've been ignoring, and living with, for years. At my first visit, the doc suggested a therapeutic massage (they have a massage therapist on staff) to work along with the adjustments. Hey, as long as the insurance company keeps ponying up the cash, I'm in. So, for visit #3, I took his advice and scheduled the massage for just after the adjustment (hey, it's legit, doctor's orders). Being a pantyboy, I had a bit of a dilemma...

should I wear panties to the appointment knowing full well that the massage therapist would see them?

I decided what the heck, in for a penny in for a pound, and selected a pair of plain (very plain) 80% nylon and 20% spandex white briefs (more like hipsters or half pants). They are quite thin "no show" panties of the laser cut variety - very form fitting, spanking tight, with a bit of a sheen to them. I would almost consider them unisex but thought they would most definitely be recognizable to her (the massage therapist) for what they are - panties.

On the visit, I undressed down to my underpants in the massage room, got on the table and under the blanket as instructed, and waited to see what would transpire. In an attempt to keep the story brief (pun somewhat intended) I'll get right to it. The blanket was adjusted multiple times as she worked on various areas. She even had to adjust the waistband of the panties halfway down my bottom to work on my lower back. Being face down on the table, I had no clue how a view of panties was being received. The bottom line is (again with the pun) she had quite a nice peek at my panties.

After the massage I was anticipating a full arm swing stinging slap to my tight pantied little bottom and a "there you go" - no such luck (rats!). Taking charge (I love a woman taking charge) she walked me to the counter and scheduled my next appointment with her. She was friendly and all smiles with no mention of the panties. However, as I got to my truck, I wondered just how long after the door to the office closed that she turned to the receptionist and said:

OMG! he was wearing panties!

I smiled all the way home.

p.s. my next appointment is on Monday. I'll have my panties and my best poker face on and looking for any tells (clues) from the receptionist and the therapist - ear to ear grins would be nice. A much more obvious but decidedly less likely tell would be if the receptionist would turn and yell down the hall:

"hey, pantyboy's here for his appointment."

thanks for the read. comments always appreciated.

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Jack is the best friend a girl could have,he has helped me out a good many times We have a lot of fun together and enjoy each other's company but Jack is being naughty,he is going to do something I don't like...exciting isn't it? He is going to do a parachute jump,for charity tomorrow. I hope he will be ok. I told him not to forget to pull the cord thingy,he thanked me and said he will remember.Anyway up early to see Jack jump out of a perfectly good plane. BTW don't get jealous,Jack prefers guys,so do I as it happens,LMAO!!!

Jack and me arsing about!!

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Some people can sence the sneak in others. It takes one to know one they say. I wasnt a bad kid. But I knew my step father was up to something. Hi whispered too much on the phone. His orders were too detailed to be normal when he was leaving me home alone . It had to be something pretty bad. I just knew it.
He was a player, always was according to his mom during their heated argument outside. They didnt think I could hear their words on a cold day with snow blanketing the ground all around? Crazy. It was 12 degrees outside. Something about the snow and cold carries sound. His mom came to NY when she found out that he was arguing with his wife, my "mother." My mom was not a nice person either. She always flirted when she took me out in public with her. SHe whipped my ass once when I said I was gonna tell DaddyO, as he had me call him.
I never did tell. He thought she was faithful. Wow, he had no "cheater radar".
Anyways, she was gone doing night shift as a nurse up at the hospital. He was self employed. SO he had time to arrange his social life to his liking.
Well, DaddyO said he had a new friend for me and I had to be nice and make it work . She was the child of his best friends 2 townhouses over, Linda and Gary. He said I had to behave and not embarass him. SO I agreed because I had no choice. DaddyO was my step dad and he kept me when my real mom overdosed. He got full custody because he had legally adopted me prior to her death. Now he was with my 'mom' Carol and they really deserved each other. I was stuck in the middle, knowing their sneaky ways and not allowed to leak the information. Both my parents spanked me and it was quite effective.
WHen we went to Linda and Gary's house DaddyO acted differently when Mr. Gary wasn't home. Linda and DaddyO would tell us kids to go to Michele's room and disappear. He always reminded me to be good and pointed a finger of his big hand in my direction.

There was definate hanky panky goin on between them. ONe night around midnight I heard him downstairs on the couch with a lady. I figured out it wasnt my mom pretty quickly. It was Micheles mom alright. He had his tongue, fingers and cock all over her. He even shushed her once because she laughed.

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The orgasm was long and pulsing, wave after wave of sinful sensations, traveled her body. Sassy fought to catch her breath, as she rode the aftershocks....the throbbing and pulsing, clenching muscles that were now in spasm. This state was divine. She could feel his seed spilling from her. She felt her muscular walls undulate, trying to hold on to the fullness, now gone.

Mr. Stern really enjoyed training his student, in the finer arts of seduction and pain. He washed himself at the sink, dried off and put his dick back into his drawers. Sadly, he would have to finish her punishment and allow her to go home. He had wanted her to leave, longing for his touch. It was clear, that if allowed, Sassy would want more. But, he WAS going to punish her, now that he'd softened her. He wanted her to submit, to welcome his touch, both tender and terrible.
He lowered her legs, and freed then from the chain. He release the waist cuffs from the bench. He gave her a robe. He'd see if she was ready to submit willingly.
"We'll take a break, Miss Cloud. You may use the facilities, unsupervised and meet me downstairs for tea. I warn you, don't test my kindness."
He locked the study, as they left, her backpack & clothes inside, escorting her to the bath. There, he left her. "You may shower, if you like or wash. I've left you towels. I'll put some cream on your bottom and legs, when you're done."
Sassy moved quietly, as if waking from a dream, groggy and drunk from pleasure...
Head spinning as she tried to comprehend what had happened. She's had sex before. It was okay, a brief moment of pain and intense thrusting in a backseat. She'd been responsive, but it ended so fast, the result of pairing with an over zealous teenage boy. It was unsatisfying and disappointing... But, THIS, THIS was beyond her ability to describe.
She'd heard girls talk about their sexual experiences, but they never told her about anything, like this!! It must be him, Mr. Stern. He knew how to guide her to places, she'd never imagined.
She dropped the robe, examining her bottom, looking over her shoulder into the mirror. It was pink and violet & had some redder, raised lines. These are my passion marks, she thought. Feeling herself growing wet, just from touching them. She'd better hurry! She wanted to please him, now.

She got into the shower, soaping up a fluffy shower scrubby and washed quickly. She lathered her hair, rinsing it clean, the hot bubbly water cascading down her back and stinging, her welted bottom.
"Mmmmm.. " Her fingers went to her lady place, sliding in between the folds of her vulva. She wanted to cum, but stopped. He might not like that. Why should I care, she thought, but she did.
Maybe I'll run, her rebellious inner child chimed in. Wrapping herself in the big, fluffy towel, she pulled back the curtains. The window was barred, with a floral design of wrought iron. She was inside a guilded cage. It would have angered her, at one time, but today, she felt safe and pampered. She'd been invisible most of her life. Mr. Stern lavished her with his undivided attention. She loved it!
She combed her hair, and wrapped it, again, in a hairband, put on the robe and joined him for tea.
He had showered in another bathroom. He was shaved and his wet curls were left untamed. His blue eyes twinkled. He wore a pair of lounging pants , no shirt and an open robe. His muscled chest and abs were striking. He looked very different from the bespectacled, suited, and severe Mr. Stern, from school. He was handsome and had a boyish grin.
"Sit, Miss Cloud, on that lovely, sore, hot bottom. Lift your robe, and leave it open.". He casually spoke his orders.
She complied.
"You may pour", gesturing to the pot and cups, which were on a tray with cookies, cream and sugar." Sassy carefully put a white and gold rimmed, Spode cup and saucer in front of him. She folded a napkin and laid a shiny, silver teaspoon on it and slid it, to his place. She poured his tea, then passed him the cream, which he took, and the sugar, which he refused. She offered him the plate of assorted biscuits. He selected two and put them alongside his cup. Only then did she attend to her own. He smiled, and she felt like she has passed a test.
"Soon, Miss Cloud, you will be returning home." Surprisingly, tears came to her eyes. "Breathe, Sassy, he said softly".
"Yes, Sir."
"Before you go, however, I'm going to give you a good, sound spanking. You will be taking a very red and sore bottom, home with you. You are in need of future guidance, and you will report back to me, sometimes at school, and sometimes, here. You will do exactly as I tell you, without any arguement. When you comply, your discipline, though painful, will be mild and peppered with pleasure. If you disobey me, from now on, or show me any disrespect, I promise you, you will feel that dragon cane on your bare bottom. I have been gentle with you, as I am training you, and it is early days. I will not be so patient, in the future." He sipped his tea. "Any questions?"
"Ah... no Sir.", not really knowing, even, what to ask, but anxious to please him.
They ate their cookies and drank their tea. It was getting light outside. When they were done, Mr. Stern said, "Clear the table and wash up the dishes."
Sassy hopped to her feet, stacking the cups, pot and plates onto the tray, wiping the table with a napkin. She took it all to the counter, washed the dishes, leaving them to dry on a tea towel. She left a few cookies on a napkin and turned to see what he wanted next.
He pushed back his chair, rising and glanced at the counter. "In the future, you will dry the dishes and put them away, as well as any leftovers, but for today, this will suffice. Come here."
He kissed her forehead, and said, "Good girl", he put his hand behind her, she thought to hug her, but he pulled back her robe and smacked her bottom hard,
"Upstairs, young lady, you've still got a got a good hiding coming."
"Ouch, yes Sir!". He chuckled, following behind her, pulling at her robe, as she climbed the stairs, and slapping her bottom as she stepped. She thought these slaps hard, and jumped when his big hand whacked her. He knew better. This was just a warm up.

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Hi everyone.
I plan to record a new self-spanking video soon. If you have any suggestions for implements, positions, etc... Let me know!

Strict English CP
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Prior to my awakening, I was married to a woman, who, as it turns out is also gay.

My Experience with Domestic Discipline
My experience started as a child, when I was being a bratty kid, my mom would apply the hairbrush to my butt no matter where I was.
My experience with partner Domestic Discipline started with my now ex-wife, who always had this in mind. Patricia was 6' and 200 lb. when we met. I found her to be big,soft and the best kisser in world. She was a farm kid and always so darn healthy that she just glowed. I am 5'6" and 145 lb.
The first time she tested the waters, I had to stay home, Patricia came over to visit, one of my roomates was hanging out in the room and Pat said she had to take my tempreture, so I opened my mouth for a thermometer, she looked at me and said ", not there". She asked my roomate to leave the room and she pulled out some kleenex, a rectal thermometer and some Vaseine. She motioned me over and told me to drop my pants, which I did, we had been intimate before and then with her left arm pulled me over he lap, Pat was still dressed for work so she had a skirt and pantyhose on and I could feel my penis sliding across her smooth thighs and beautiful lap. I was very comfortable on her lap and I started to get aroused, which I'm sure didn't escape her. She then put on a pair of medical gloves, prepped my anus and inserted the thermometer. After spending a couple of minutes over her lap, my butt exposed to the cool air, a thermometer in my rectum, she pulled it out and read my temp, declared me not well and told me to stand up. When I stood up she noticed my erection and smiled.
A few more months into dating, we started to live together, I couldn't get the day right without that big, beautiful body next to me, I loved her flannel night gowns and the way she put her long hair up in a bun. It became clear that she was head of household, I would do the dishes and the wash, as a coach I had mornings free.
One day Pat presented me with the coolest looking flannel shorts, she had made them for me, she asked me to try them on, so I did, no underwear underneath, they were so soft, little did I know that she had plans.

One night Pat summoned me to the bedroom and told me to go stand in the corner, I didn't argue. She calmly scolded me for my misdeeds for the week and announced that I was going to get a spanking, my face turned red, I could feel it flush, but I had an erection. She then told me to go to the closet in our bedroom, she had put some hooks on the closet door, each one held a paddle or a strap. She pointed to a paddle and told me to bring it to her. I picked up the paddle from the hook and brought it to her, I was standing by her right side, she was wearing a nice blue night shirt, bare legged and beautiful. I handed her the paddle with both hands, she took the paddle. placed it to her side, yanked my shorts down past my knees with a single tug and said to me "you won't need these". She then pulled me over her lap while scolding me and the spanking began, that heavy leather paddle hitting my cheeks, I was startled after the first couple of spanks, so she used her right leg to lock my legs and made sure her target wasn't going anywhere. I lost count after 100 or so, she had paddled my butt from every angle, switching from cheek to cheek and dead center. I was crying, not fighting and she finally let me up. She then stood up and hugged me.

After all this she announced bed time so I pulled my shorts up and went to bed, Pat knew the job she had done, I was sleeping on my stomach, my ass was a pulsating ball of heat and bruise, she snuggled next to me, occasionally pinching my cheeks to make sure she had done her job. She told me this was the first of many to come.

The routine remained the same, I could tell in her voice when it was spanking time, usually at night, she would summon me to the bedroom and have me stand in the corner while scolding me, she would then direct me to get my punishment implement off one of the hooks on the bedroom closet door. I would then take the implement and present it to her. She, while scolding me, would take place the implement (a paddle most of the time), pull my shorts down with one tug, pull me over her lap and proceed to smack my ass until she was satisfied, by this time I had been trained not to squirm or kick (which would get me a stand up beating on my lower buttocks and thighs and then she would continue), when she was done, she would hug me and pinch me to test my reaction, if I jumped, it meant we were okay to go to bed, if I didn't it meant "touch up". she would pull me back over her lap and keep going until she was sure I was one bruised lump of welts back there. She always believed that a spanking should serve as a reminder for a couple of days. Every time I opened the closet door, I was reminded. Everytime I sat down for the next couple of days, I was reminded.
By that time, the school dept budget had been cut as had my position as Gymnastics coach, so I was a full-time housewife. I would vacuum, dust, do the dishes, the laundry and have everything prepared for my pretty one as she walked through the door, she loved to cook, I just had to make sure everything was ready for her. She used to tell her friends that "my husband does the dishes, I just keep him in line".

Strap night was different, she would summon me to the bedroom, strap in hand, she had prepared the bed with two pillows I had to lay across to make my behind stretch a little and make it an easier target. she would instruct me to take my clothes off and lay over the pillows. Once I complied she would start scolding me and when she could see my behind was twitching she would lay the licks on me. The strap would heat me up and sizzle my butt like crazy. I would never count, it wouldn't do me any good, I would try to turn my mind off until it was over and my butt would feel a big blister. Sometimes she would raise a little blood, wipe it off with a gauze pad and keep going until she was satisfied that I had been punished.

The strap would leave marks for days, I could see them from my butt to the back of my legs, sometimes I would duck into the bathroom and pull down my pants and boxers to admire her work. On those days I couldn't wear shorts. It's weird but I loved the look of those marks and smile when I think of the woman that gave them to me.

She had told all of her friends about how she punished me, although she never spanked me in front of them, my greatest fear would be her friend Paula walking in during a strapping when I was fully naked and posed over a bed with my elevated, very colorful buttocks. Some nights we left the windows open, so I'm sure the neighbors heard me howling and crying, I didn't care, she was my big, beautiful wife. She cared enough to express her disappointment and her desire to make me a better husband.
After 10 years we divorced on amicable terms, she like two of her sisters had developed a preference for female company and I loved her, I just wanted her to be happy, so I let her go. All these years later, the two of them are still together, her little 5'4" partner with the chubby, perky ass. I can look at her and know what she's going through.

This is a summary of my experience with Domestic Discipline. It's the template for which I was trained and grew to love...The events here are pretty much true, names were changed so I won't get my ass kicked. This is how I was socialized and it worked well for many years, every woman brings her own special touches,

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As i walk through the halls of school everybody is laughing and starring at me as i go by. They all saw what happened but still continue to laugh.They all know where i am going and why I am going. I am on my way to Mr. Johnson's office again for the 6th time this year. I know I am going to get a paddling and worse a caning if he see's fit. I have had the paddle before and don't want to meet it again but i have not had the cane. I have heard horror stories about it from other students who have received it and I never want to have that think long rod go across my bottom. At the school i go to they believe in not only corporal punishment but they are so old fashioned that they do it with the students bottom bare...I will never understand why they do it on the bore..i guess cause it hurts more and is more embarrassing for the student. They also say that they can tell easily on how well they do and when they need to stop with a bare bottom instead of a clothed bottom. I finally turn the last corner in the hallway and at the end of this hallway the office is on the right. I get more nervous as i get closer and when i get to the last door before they office i feel like my heart dropped into my stomach and my bottom was already hurting when i got to the door. I guess i better go in I thought to myself as i slowly reached for the door knob very nervously. Before i could turn the knob a student walked out with red eyes and tears still falling for he too just got the cane. When he walked by me he whimpered good luck. After he said that i realized it was Aaron my classmate in English and he never cries when he gets in trouble. I thought for a minute and then the secretary saw me and said Miranda come on in. Mr. Johnson is waiting to see you next. I say yes Ma'am and walk in tears already forming in my eyes. She says have a seat and i will let Mr.Johnson know you are here as she picks up the phone and calls his office. while she was on the phone i think to myself this is my only chance to run but before i could get the courage to get up she said Mr Johnson is ready for you. I get up and knock quietly on the door. Mr Johnson answered with his dark voice and say come on in Miranda. I open the door and see Mr.Johnson sitting at his desk and when i get in he says to close the door. I do as I am told because i didn't want to get into anymore trouble then i was in. As i sat down he was going through some papers in a file. Then he looks up at me and asks if i know why i am here today. I said yes sir I am here to be punished for getting into a fight with Amber on of the most popular girls in school. He said that is correct and it will be severe this time because its my third fight this year. He asked me Why can't you stay out of trouble I know you are a better student than this. Your father is going to be very angry with you when you get home isn't he. I looked up surprised because he had already called dad to make sure it was ok to fulfill the punishment he had in store for me. I said very nervously but with a slight bit of attitude in my voice. In my mind i thought how could he call my dad now im not only going to get a paddling here i was going to get another at home now and with dad long leather belt across my bare behind as well.

to be continued

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A boy and a girl
Grow up to be friends
Falling in love
He is dominate
She's submissive
He wants to take her in hand
She wants to submit to him

Years later...married still
Many spankings given
Erotic and discipline
Pleasure and pain
Grounded, corner time, lines
Mouth soaping...
As many punishments he could find

Invitation to Club Shadow
Appears mysteriously
Invite only...fees waved
Never tried before
Going to see...
Maybe play...
Masters and Sirs rule there
Submissives obey or face pain

She's wearing no clothes
He's dressed head to toe
She's led to a bench
Strapped in/restrained
Spanked hard by him
In Shock/disbelief

Using a cane/whip...
Tears fall heavily
Striped and welted
First time ever
He's so hard...
Forces her...
Sucks him dry
Unable to move...
Forced to comply

He's addicted...
Comes again
She's repulsed...
Filled with pain
They drift a part
Everything changed
Club Shadow
Ruined them

A dream for some
Fantasies fulfilled
Nightmare to other's
Heartache everywhere
Like a White Oleander
Temptations there
Like Arsenic unseen
Death is near...
Club Shadow
Poison to them

Every night he returns
Submissives waiting
Obeying his every word
Disciplining when he pleases
Destroying his marriage
Club Shadow
All that matters

Alone at home she cries
Her life/her love/ gone
Without him by her side
Unable to survive
Takes a razor blade
Slits her wrists
Slowly she dies

Violent and cruel
He became
Club Shadow
Evicted him
No longer Coping
Power hungry
Fulfilled no more
Takes a gun
A bullet in his head
He dies fast
Unlike his wife
She died slow

Like a narrator
in a story...
I realized...
How lucky I am
My Master's
Nothing like him
Even punishing me
It's with love
Master always
Puts me first

While having sex
With a woman...
Her taste on my lips
My fingers explore
Pumping her...
Forbidden entrance
Fast and hard
She cums...
All over my tongue
My fingers playing
She's shaking too

Master says my turn
69 my favorite #
His taste ambrosia
In my mouth
Begging for release
Master said now
Ecstasy found

Every week...
We come to play
That woman...
Never seen again
He kept playing
Wanted me as well
Master said no
Saved from him

Moral of this story
Club Shadow
The Devil's playground
Just like the
Twilight Zone
Enter at your own risk
Never leave the same again
Club Shadow
Still want to play
Come see...
Jealous of me?

Strict English CP
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just arrived in todays mail, a Playtex lace trimmed Fanny Shaper panty girdle (size small)

panty girdles as spanking pants - For spankers: would you paddle on a panty girdle? For spankees of either gender: ever worn a panty girdle for a spanking?

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Wish You all the very best of weekends!
You make my days better in so many ways, it is a great fun to be here reading, looking, chating and discussing!
Thank You all! :-)

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